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ManageBac to School

Starting August 30 and every 3-4 weeks for the next 3 months, we will be releasing a host of new features to make your ManageBac experience better than ever!


Here are some of our highlights for Back to School 2021-2022:


All New Design

August – September 2021

We have listened to your feedback and over the past year, our team has been hard at work reimagining ManageBac with several key design updates to provide clarity of focus, improved usability, and streamlined navigation.

Starting with Classes & Year Groups on August 30th, you will find a new “look & feel” that will be applied across ManageBac.

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ManageBac to School: All New Design

Just in time for back-to-school, we are excited to introduce several key design updates..

Date2 Sep 2021

Time3 PM (GMT+8)

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A New Look: Online Tests & Assessment

AssessPrep and ManageBac have partnered to integrate a powerful online testing..

Date10 Sep 2021

Time3 PM (GMT+8)

thumb WtQAaQjIKe1iWmdlYyavPrVRbKfBVIhrFuYh6WBG

Interdisciplinary Planning & Assessment in the Middle years

As the IB updates their Interdisciplinary guidance, ManageBac has updated our..

Date14 Sep 2021

Time3 PM (GMT+8)

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What's New with ManageBac

The summer of 2021 was a busy one at ManageBac.

Date30 Sep 2021

Time4 PM (GMT-4)

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Your Voice & Feedback

Quotes ico

Magnus Björkenstam

Malmö International School

I appreciate that you had a look and think about it, as well as letting me know the result of your discussion. ManageBac Support is great as always; keep up the good work!

Antonio Flores

Beijing Huijia Private School

I am truly impressed with the prompt reply I received and how complete the tools and resources were. The support staff solved my problem in less than 10 minutes from the moment I sent my request. The best service-oriented people I have ever experienced by far!

Dan Egerov

The International School of Azerbaijan

This year has been the smoothest year on transitioning to the next academic year. Despite all the changes made to the process, the support has been wonderful and I’m happy to have a super seasoned team who all know how to use ManageBac and OpenApply.

icon FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the All New Design on ManageBac be released?

The new ManageBac design for Dashboard, Class and Year Groups is already live and was deployed to production over the summer through August 30, 2021. Quick Navigation Links and other enhancements will be applied across ManageBac incrementally through October 2021. Read more about our approach & design process on the ManageBac Blog.

Watch our Video for a quick introduction of what has changed and key updates, or Join our Webinar for a personalised walkthrough.

How do I access the All New Design and do I need to do anything?

Once you Login to ManageBac, you will see the new design updates automatically. There is no action required as an individual user (student, parent or teacher) or as a school.

All Schools globally in all regions (Global, US, China) have access to the new design update from August 30, 2021.

Why am I not seeing the New Design or Quick Navigation Links in my Homeroom?

We have applied Quick Navigation Links in the Classes and Year Groups first. In our next release in September and through September, Quick Navigation Links will be applied across all pages in the ManageBac main App as well as the Settings. Read more about our approach & design process on the ManageBac Blog.

Where can I see the upcoming product roadmap & release schedule?

We share our product updates regularly via the ManageBac Blog as well as on our Product Portal. You can subscribe to our Blog and Product Portal to receive automatic notifications when we release updates.

How can I share my feedback, I have an idea / suggestion about the new 'look & feel'?
Feel free to contact us by submitting a support request or contact our Product team directly at

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