Now that the New User Interface is the default layout for all accounts, you will find a host of improvements available for teachers and students. Here are the top 8 cool new features and updates released as part of the new UI.  Please note that the UI for PYP will NOT be updated until 2019 when we can bring it up to par with the newly released curriculum requirements recently released by the IB.

1. Stream View for Assessments & Resources

The new Stream view combines assessment tasks with units providing a way for Teachers to easily sequence teaching & learning with assessment tasks and resources.

Stream View of Resources

2. Google Doc Assignment Templates

Seamlessly create and assign Google Doc templates to your students, support collaboration and direct coursework submission, automatically saving into portfolios, and mark coursework with annotations.

Google Docs coursework assignment

3. View Log on Assessment & Resources

View Log on assessment tasks and resources allow Teachers to track that students have reviewed the assessment or resource like WhatsApp delivery receipts for your assessment tasks and resources.

4. Global Search

You can now easily search for students, classes and groups via the Dashboard search menu. Stay tuned for more Search updates.

5. Teacher Permissions

With enhanced Teacher Permissions, access to specific Curriculum Programme settings can be defined granularly together with access to the School Directory and Reports Proofing & Review.

6. Unit Map Index

As a first step towards more collaborative real-time planning, we have implemented a new Unit Map Index to improve navigation within the Unit Plan editor. This will allow you to easily track overall completion and pin relevant sections for review.

7. Settings > Units Editor

Within the Programme Settings, you can now flexibly enable curriculum components and customize the hints & guidance text to suit your school – perfect for bilingual schools.

8. Broader Curriculum Support

With the introduction of Curriculum-First we now offer broad support for additional curricula including British (IGCSE and A Levels), American (AP) and a host of national curricula.


What’s on the horizon for back-to-school 2018?

As schools are taking off for the summer, we are still in full swing developing new features and updating old ones to welcome you, and your students, back to school with a plethora of exciting changes.  Here is what you can expect to be released in the coming months before school comes back in session.

With the release of Curriculum-First we will be adding IB Career Programme support, broadening our academic and national curriculum standards, and introducing Project-based Learning worksheets starting with the Language Portfolio.

New Flipped Classroom resource options designed in conjunction with AssessPrep will enhance the Stream with learning journeys including games, wikis, map tools, and more.

With the upgrade of ManageBac to Rails 5 in July 2018, we have begun working on a new wrapper mobile application, which will replace our legacy iOS application. This will provide a greatly enhanced Mobile experience for all users (including students, parents, teachers and administrators) with access to all functionality.

Emojis, Star, and Comments
Teachers and students will be able to comment, emoji and star assessment tasks and resources improving class-room engagement, two-way feedback, and collaboration.

Improved Text Editor with Embed Options
Within Assessment Tasks, Deadlines, Messages and Units, teachers will be able to embed additional resources and easily mark-up text with improved rich-text options.

Ready to try ManageBac?

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