We are delighted to announce the release of our Project-based Learning framework, which enables schools to build-your-own Project Based learning programs. This provides a whole-school PBL solution extending our popular Extended Essay and Personal Project worksheets in the IB towards a universal solution, which can be used across Year Groups and Classes.

As the work landscape changes to adapt to technological innovation, schools are involving students early on in practical, real-world experiences in order to prepare them for future careers by exposing them early on to engaging, complex problems that may last a week or an entire semester. Our Project-based Learning framework enables schools to flexibly design and build Subject-specific (e.g. History IA) or Year Group (e.g. Grade 10) level projects.

The first stage of this release supports the IB Career Programme’s Language Portfolio and Reflective Project, while providing teachers with an option to design unique projects from the ground up within their subject & class.

Language Portfolio

For Language Portfolio, students will be able to:
• Profile and plan their project by selecting from a series of available languages, classes, and mentors, as well as add notes for future review,
• Track their current proficiency and progress with the selected language,
• Be assessed on their Oral Communication, Visual Interpretation, Reading Comprehension, and Writing Proficiency, and
• Reflect on, and provide evidence of their learning and improved proficiency.

For the Reflective Project, students will be able to:
• Choose an ethical area of focus to reflect on, as well as be assigned a mentor to monitor their progress,
• Submit a written reflection on their chosen area of focus, as well as
• Upload multimedia files such as audio, video, images, and websites in order to fulfill the IB CP requirements

PBL worksheets are also directly integrated with Portfolios to provide schools with a seamless solution. PBL assessment rubrics will be integrated with Reporting for the second half of the 2018-2019 academic year. As we continue to develop and enhance our Project Based Learning module, we will be extending this BYO support to the IB Diploma and Middle Years Programmes to enable schools to supplement the Extended Essay and Personal Projects.

In the mean time, please see our tutorials on Project Based Learning for Admins, Teachers & Students here.

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