Parent Dashboard is a convenient way to keep track of everything to do with school work, from checking class attendance and completion of projects, to getting detailed information about assessment, grades, and curriculum coverage. Parent dashboard is enabled for mobile access.

Quick view: Every school makes unique decisions about how to implement IB curriculum guidelines. To see the curriculum in action, look at the relationships between inquiry, key concepts, and transdisciplinary themes. This snapshot shows the curriculum in action and reveals how planned Learning & Teaching & objectives are covered in each unit of work.
Deeper understanding: Explore the various dimensions of IB curricula. See how each unit of work incorporates Key Concepts, Learner Profile, and ATL Skills and key components of any year group, e.g. Service Learning or TOK.
At-a-glance: Top-menu navigation displays a student’s class attendance, the current unit of inquiry , and the last completed task.

Achievement tracker: View the various planned assessments, including tasks and schedules, and teacher comments.

Parent dashboard is informative and practical, giving parents a quick tool to explore the Why and How of school work and track their children’s learning. So what happened at school today? has always been an essential conversation between parents and their children. Parent dashboard provides another way to start it.

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