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Feature Friday

ManageBac API New API Endpoints added for Attendance: Schools with Attendance using our public API now have the ability to pull the Attendance data (please click on the descriptions below to see full instructions for each): Attendance for a class during an academic...

Feature Friday

ManageBac, Attendance | February 3, 2017
ManageBac General Non-IB Class Attendance Reminders: Teachers of Non-IB Classes can now be sent Attendance Reminders via Attendance > Classes > tick HS, MS, and/or PS checkboxes > Send Reminders. 

Feature Friday

ManageBac, Attendance, OpenApply | April 22, 2016
ManageBac General Classroom > Attendance > Export to Excel: The spreadsheet available via Class > Attendance > Export to Excel now includes weekly and monthly Attendance Totals, in addition to the daily report. OpenApply Include Hyperlinks in Bulk...

Feature Friday

ManageBac, Attendance | October 2, 2015
ManageBac  General Parents can join or leave the IB Parents Association: Parents are now able to control whether or not they wish to receive notifications from the IB Parent Association by clicking Join group or Leave group via the IB Parents Association tab (note:...

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