We’re always listening to your views on how we can do things better, and with that in mind we’re pleased to say that we have a number of updates to tell you about today. These improvements should help streamline your experience and give a more contemporary look and feel to enjoy when you’re using ManageBac. Let’s take a look at the changes we’ve introduced to help get you where you need to be as efficiently as possible.


You’ll notice a few changes in the Portfolio that tie in with our recent removal of the Programme top tabs. We’ve now centred all the options within the screen, so when you’re searching for Grades you’ll find the information you need right in front of you. We’ve also made a few changes to make sure you can get where you need to be with as few clicks as possible, including:

  • New quick links: we’ve added new quick link navigation at the top of the page, replacing the ‘Back’ button. You’ll now see exactly where you are by looking at the page index at the top of your screen.
  • Streamlined navigation: we’ve simplified the navigation, making selection easier and improving your journey. This includes decluttering the folder-style tab and list view, and keeping everything in the central pane.
  • New large icons: so it’s easier to see what you’re looking for.

These changes affect Portfolio by Grade, Portfolio Roster and the Student Portfolio page.

Portfolio page > New navigation options

Portfolio@4x 8


Over in Homerooms, we’ve continued the decluttering to make sure all the information you see is relevant to what you need. That’s why we’ve moved away from the small folder-style tabs, which were hard to identify, and replaced them with the larger tabs you can see at the top, giving you an easier way to select pages. As with the Portfolio, we’ve also reduced the number of clicks you need to get to Homeroom by combining the filter options into a single filter.

Homeroom > new navigation options

Homeroom@4x 8

Year Group Roster

The improvements continue in Year Group, where you’ll notice that we’ve refreshed the overall look so that it’s now smarter and in keeping with the design changes we’ve made elsewhere. You’ll see that Year Group details are now more prominent, with more identifiable Year Group icons showing which Programme the Year Group belongs to. We’ve also added a simple, more prominent toggle that lets you view archived Year Groups at the touch of a button.

Year Group roster

YG Roaster@4x 8

Class Roster

We’ve also turned our attention to your Class Roster, where you may remember you previously had a long list of Classes. We’ve simplified this view by bringing more of the information you need right to where you can see it at a glance, saving you having to drill into the Class. There’s also a quick pop-up with detailed Class information, so you can get what you need without having to select it. You can also view the whole school with a single click of the new tab, and this is where you’ll be able to learn about and join classes you don’t yet belong to.

Class roster > My Classes

My Classes@4x 8

Finally, we’ve made it easier to edit, leave and pin a Class to the left-hand navigation, and we’ve refreshed the design and navigation options in both the ‘My Classes’ and ‘Browse All Classes’ views.

Class Roster > Browse All Classes

browse all classes@4x 8

Unit Planner

The general look and feel of the Unit Planner has been updated with a new right navigation and an extended Unit Outline. When editing a Unit, you will see new styling of the main panel with more colourful indicators, clearer notifications to guide your progress, and an improvement to indicate who else may be editing the Unit.

Tasks & Units > Planner

unit planner 3@4x 8

Tasks & Units > Unit Outline

unit planner 2@4x 8

We hope you find these changes help you to use ManageBac more efficiently!