Getting Started with ManageBac

Up and running with 6 easy steps!

Add Users

  • Time Required
  • 20 - 30 minutes
  • Who's involved?
  • Technology Director, Coordinator, Secretary
  1. 1Create your Spreadsheet
    First Name Last Name E-mail
    Jose Castello
    Paula Roberts

    Create a spreadsheet listing teachers & advisors in the format shown above. Download our CSV template to get started. Required fields are highlighted in bold red.

  2. 2Save your Spreadsheet as a CSV file

    The example shown is from Microsoft Excel. If you are using another program, the process may differ slightly.

  3. 3Upload your CSV file of teachers

    Once your CSV file has been uploaded, you will be able to confirm the teacher information before being imported.

What type of user permissions are available in ManageBac?

Admins can do everything that Advisors can, plus they can add new users to the system and change your school's account settings.
Teachers & Advisors
Advisors can view all student profiles and access all groups. They can post messages, edit group settings, and create group events.
Students have access to their own assignments, deadlines, and worksheets only. They cannot view or edit other students' information.
Parents have read-only access to most of what their children see. They are also automatically added into a group called the IB Parents Association, where they can post messages and files.
Group Advisors
Group Advisors are restricted users, who can only view and manage their assigned activity groups and students. They can post messages, edit group settings, and create group events.
Observers are restricted users, who have read-only access to browse through unit plans, curriculum, and assessment tasks. This account type is intended for site visitors, accreditation teams or external consultants.

Welcome Kit

Complete guide for everything you need to get started with ManageBac.

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