ManageBac Product Roadmap & Changelog

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Resend Welcome Emails

This feature improves existing Resend Welcome Emails functionality, so now Admin users are able to specify Year Groups which shall receive Welcome Emails. These mails will be sent for all the students from selected groups, which have never logged in before to ManageBac.

MYP Unit Planner Update

The MYP Unit Planners have been updated to resemble the unit planners of PYP Next and all other Curriculum First programmes. The main feature improvements include: in-line editing, real time editing, and a new look for the unit components.

Curriculum Analytics and Whole-School Curriculum

Browse a unified overview for each curriculum programme including a Unit Calendar, Whole-School Curriculum Map and Analytics for individual components such as the Learner Profile, ATL Skills, Transdisciplinary Theme and Standards Coverage.

Transcripts Improvements

Several small improvements have been made to Transcripts. They include ability to customise the transcript title, ability to add and customise grade descriptors for each programme, and an update to the compact transcript layout.

Global Search

Global Search enables instant access to everything that matters in the way you organise your work across ManageBac. You can read more here.

Student Portfolio Redesign

Within the new Portfolios, you will find several key updates including: a new Timeline view, integrated Learning Goals & Reflections, and Comment, Like, Star & Share together with New Resource Types.

Learn more about the Portfolio Redesign.

Split-screen Gradebook

Educators can now grade everything on one screen. Easily view your students’ work, the class or assignment rubic, annotate and more with the new Split-screen Gradebook.

PYP Next

With the IB’s refresh of their Primary Years Programme (PYP) comes a slew of updated PYP functionality on ManageBac. A completely new Portfolio screen, Collaborative Real-time Unit Planning and more has been released. Schools will have to complete this form to enable the new functionality.

Refreshed Parent Dashboard

The new Parent Dashboard allows for easier navigation of our parent interface, and a quick view of how things are generally going. Grades, Attendance, Classes and Work is displayed in an easy-to-read manner on the parent dashboard. Both for web and mobile.

ManageBac for Mobile

ManageBac for Mobile has been released and will allow students, teachers, coordinators & admins as well as parents to stay connected with their school on-the-go.

Redesigned Teacher Dashboard

The new Teacher Dashboard allows for easier navigation of our teacher interface, and a quick view of how things are generally going.

Real-time Collaborative Unit Planning

A landmark feature in our industry, our real-time collaborative planners allow for seamless and easy collaboration between colleagues when planning the school year or unit. See which colleagues are online, and what they’re editing. Reflect together and build better lessons easily.


SMARTPREP/ManageBac Integration

ManageBac has now seamlessly integrated a great IB flashcards provider, SMARTPREP IB APP.

Atlas/ManageBac Integration

As Atlas joins the Faria Education Group family, the Atlas/ManageBac integration allows for an easy exchange of information between the two systems, a coordination of unit plans/timelines and materials & curriculum.


Resource Bank

We will be enhancing the Resource Bank to allow users to easily add multiple files or photos at once. Photos will be displayed in a new gallery format and files can be better organized with threaded comments.

Term Reporting Enhancements, New Designs & Web-view

Refreshed report card templates with a new styles and customizable backgrounds. Our new web-view reports interface will allow parents to easily browse reports on the web & mobile in a responsive format with optional sharing via QR code. Web-view reports will allow for flexible design & templates, faster reports generation time, and ability to embed portfolio items in term reporting.

Curriculum First Programmes Unification

The completion of our architectural work to unify and align all curriculum programmes since 2016 under a common data model and feature-set. While PYP was completed in July 2019, MYP and DP are now fully harmonised into the C1 model providing greater consistency, broader functionality, and enabling us to develop new features for all programmes uniformly.

Messaging & Notifications

Unified messaging across Year Groups for key upcoming Deadlines and Service & Project-based Learning, Classes for academic coursework & curriculum updates, and new Weekly & Daily Digests to stay up-to-date on key curriculum and class changes.

600+ new Standards being added to ManageBac

Over 600 new Standards will soon be available in ManageBac, supporting the national curricula of most of the world’s nations as well as a many more private and regional standards.

Flexible Unit Plan Template Editor

Better collaborative tools, and unit editing to accompany our slew of other product and unit planning enhancements.

ManageBac for Android App

As the iOS App kicked off our ManageBac for Mobile experience a few weeks ago, expect the Android app to follow closely in the next few weeks. Have access to the same great tools and features on a tablet or phone while on-the-go, no matter if you are a student, teacher, coordinator or parent.

AssessPrep Integration

Take high and low stakes exams easily with our partner AssessPrep. Coming soon to ManageBac.

Student Dashboard Redesign

We will simplify and improve the student’s first screen upon login, the dashboard. Students will be able to use the screen as a cockpit to launch off into all parts of our solution easily while clearly understanding which tasks are assigned to them as well as upcoming deadlines.

Behaviour and Discipline

We’re adding a new behaviour and discipline module that will allow users to be more granular in how they track students’ performance, attitudes and behaviour. Details and a first look at this functionality will be released before the end of the year.

Google Classroom Integration

Have centralised deadlines, and easily use two LMS’ in tandem as the content is shared over Google’s Classroom and our platform. A seamless and easily set-up integration will be available to our users soon.

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