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ManageBac Community

Discover a wealth of opportunities to learn and connect with like-minded individuals. Join fellow leading educators from all over the world who possess demonstrable pedagogical and ManageBac expertise.

ManageBac Certification

Advance professionally.
Get ManageBac certified.

Our certification programmes provide a clear development pathway for ManageBac educators and administrators – offering opportunities to acquire new skills, showcase expertise, and join a thriving international community.

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Join us at our next events!

Our virtual and in-person events allow you to learn, network, and be inspired by the community.


Our forum allows members to connect with other ManageBac schools to learn community-driven solutions and strong practices — whenever, wherever.
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Our Community

Become part of our community of experienced users by getting certified. Elevate systems knowledge and skills, network with like-minded individuals and showcase your expertise in the global stage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which courses are free for ManageBac schools?
The Training Academy and PD courses are free for ManageBac schools. Free access to these courses are communicated through the Learning Digest.
Am I required to complete the Training Academy before taking a Certified Educator exam?
Although it is recommended, you are not required to complete the Training Academy in order to take a Certified Educator exam.
Is the Training Academy and Certified Educator required to become a Community Ambassador?
Not exactly. We acknowledge that some of our users have gained experience through years of using ManageBac and have championed ManageBac in their schools or have participated in our events and other initiatives in the past. You are encouraged to apply to become a Community Ambassador so we can review your qualifications.
How are certification courses different from the PD courses?
Certification courses are focused on upskilling users to develop demonstrable ManageBac expertise while PD courses are developed with experts focusing on pedagogy and practice.
I need urgent support, who can I reach?
All our users receive unlimited complimentary telephone and email support. Our support desk is serviced 24hrs a day Monday-Friday, with dedicated weekend cover for urgent queries and our schools in the Middle East. Simply submit a request via our Help Centre or contact us via phone or email.