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Manage all aspects of your curriculum, lesson planning, assessment and reporting in one flexible and intuitive system. Discover why ManageBac is the trusted choice of thousands of school leaders, educators and students around the world.

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Approach & Design

Our curriculum-first approach & design means that we can support effective implementation by designing with Standards & Practices in mind.

Having ‘best-practice’ process & workflows refined through our experience working with over 3,000 schools along with a turnkey curriculum and assessment architecture, means less time spent on setup and configuration, and more time on coordination, teaching, and learning.

Integrated Learning Platform

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Integrated Learning Platform

By combining curriculum planning, assessment, reporting and attendance into one unified platform with a consistent, modern and mobile-ready interface, ManageBac provides a seamless & integrated experience for coordinators, teachers, students and parents.

  • Curriculum Planning 1Curriculum Planning
  • Flexible Unit Builder 1Flexible Unit Builder
  • Academic Acreditation 1Academic & Accreditation Standards
  • Curriculum Analytics 1Curriculum Analytics & Search

Building Your Curriculum

  • Classroom Management 1Classroom Management & Communication
  • Calendar Deadlines 1Calendar & Deadlines
  • mb portfolios icoStudent Portfolio
  • Service Learning 1Service Learning & PBL

Learning & Teaching

  • Online Assessment 1Online Assessment

  • Gradebook 1Gradebook
  • Report Cards icoReport Cards
  • Attendance 1 1Attendance

Assessment & Reporting

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Events, Training & Professional Development

Our commitment to support your schools better. Browse our upcoming events, webinars, conferences, resources library, case studies, guides, professional development resources, school resources for your IB classrooms, and more.

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