What ManageBac schools say...

Feedback and reviews from schools using ManageBac.

It’s been an incredible learning journey with ManageBac having witnessed it evolve over the years. The system has enhanced itself and efficiently augmented planning, recording, and delivering lessons for teachers both offline and online, keeping students on task and parents informed consistently. I have been pleasantly surprised to see feature requests being taken into consideration to support schools and offer prompt customer service.

Farah Misquitta

Oberoi International School

ManageBac is a system that facilitates communication between teachers, students, and parents. Timely support is excellent, which makes it easy to use this platform.
Alison Yang

KIS International School

I appreciate that you had a look and think about it, as well as letting me know the result of your discussion. ManageBac Support is great as always; keep up the good work!

Magnus Björkenstam

Malmö International School

I just started working with your EE platform with our Year 1 students and felt it was important to take a moment to say thank you. Every year, the efficiency and useability of the EE platform on ManageBac improves. Your response to questions and suggestions is kind and quick. I can unequivocally say that ManageBac makes our processes better and easier!

Lara Joffe

Bayview Secondary School

One of our students will be moving to Quito in Ecuador later this year and the family really wants a school that has ManageBac!

Linda Belonje

KIS International School

Thank you so much for the wonderful training yesterday. The staff are very excited to use Managebac and used words like “this is easy”, “this is so organized” during the training. What makes me so happy is that I knew how awesome Managebac was and I was nervous introducing it to my staff, because you never know how it will go when you introduce software. I am happy to say that from Primary to Secondary teachers, we are all really happy with things so far.

Alex Carter

Académie de la Capitale

BTW thank you so much for your customer support. As many times as I have asked questions over the years I get a prompt, accurate and polite response.

Debbie Thoresson


As always, thanks very much for all the work you and the ManageBac team put into the system development and support. I appreciate the very professional way you run the operation and would like to raise a glass to you all as we complete yet another successful year of running ManageBac for our school’s reporting and planning.

Andy Clift


I’ve looked, and there is simply no other software for an IB World School that functions the way ManageBac does. There just isn’t – I’m shocked. There’s no comparison.

Hope Forgey

International School of Denver

There is no one single solution for every school but FariaOne is top on my list for most schools where it is feasible. It has a huge stack of cornerstone client-facing solutions and services, which are professional.

Viktor Datsiuk

Shanghai Singapore International School

I feel that ManageBac is the vehicle that drives our programme in our school – I don’t think we can manage without it.
Nausheen Arif

Emirates International School Jumeirah

I am truly impressed with the prompt reply I received and how complete the tools and resources were. The support staff solved my problem in less than 10 minutes from the moment I sent my request. The best service-oriented people I have ever experienced by far!

Antonio Flores

Beijing Huijia Private School

Managebac’s customer service is among the best that I have ever worked with. I am so impressed and excited to work with such a great organization who has an outstanding product and the service to back it up. This is an incredibly stressful time for IB coordinators, and when we need something, we REALLY need it, immediately, and that is exactly what Managebac delivers. Just amazing!

Stacey Brown

Lakeside High School

I love ManageBac’s customer service. You are the only company I can think of which is so generous in offering help before it’s requested.

Jessica Downing

Inderkum High School

Every time I send off one of these comments I feel as if I’m entering a lottery where every prize is fantastic -I always wonder who will respond–almost giddy with excitement because you are all such great customer service providers. I have never felt that way about any other business or organization, so well done–and thank you!

Peter Reichert

Sotogrande International School

Good luck with ManageBac, it will change your IB life. 🙂

Leila Holmyard

BIS Vietnam

I just want to say how impressed I am with you folks at ManageBac. I have never been affiliated with an organization as professional and efficient as you lot. Thanks for making this whole process so much smoother and providing us with the support and advice that you do.

David Jenkins

Le Bocage International School

As Managebac Admin at SEK El Castillo, it is always gratifying to have a support team that responds quickly and efficiently.
Daniel Carrera

SEK International School El Castillo

This year has been the smoothest year on transitioning to the next academic year. Despite all the changes made to the process, the support has been wonderful and I’m happy to have a super seasoned team who all know how to use ManageBac and OpenApply.

Dan Egerov

The International School of Azerbaijan

I am so impressed that you followed up with this. I think it speaks very highly of the attention to detail everyone at ManageBac seems to have.

Thanks again for following up. I’ve been a Director of Technology for many years and this is a first. I’ve never had a company work so proactively.

Patrick Niwa

Meadowridge School

Thank you and your team for ALWAYS being prompt with responses – it helps a coordinator greatly with keeping their cool when working with teachers.

John Moore

Shaker Heights High School

Your entire team has been amazingly responsive and supportive today. I doubt we are the only clients in the world today who have called repeatedly on your assistance, but you have responded as if we were and as if you were just waiting by the phones for us to call. You have provided truly impeccable customer support and service.

Debbie Woolard

Marietta High School

I really need to give your staff the highest praise that is professionally possible. As a long time IB educator, teacher, and administrator, and as someone who has always been actively involved in my school networks and platforms due to my deep IT passion (personal and professional), your team is the first I have worked with that truly understands what IB schools need in terms of the products and of the support that is essential to making sure the products keep performing.

Lennox Meldrum


Many thanks for your help and support on this. ManageBac is absolutely one of the best possible ways to learn IB philosophy and method and the staff is very grateful for the service.

Bill Clarke

Dr. Orlando Edreira Academy School 26