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Meet the team helping you and your school succeed with ManageBac.

Managebac Support

Support & Training

All schools receive unlimited complimentary phone & email support for teachers, administrators,
parents and students.

First Class Support

Online Support Centre Telephone Support Email Support
Includes Fully indexed documentation with keyword search allowing users to find tutorials quickly:

  • 40+ QuickStart guides
  • 100+ video tutorials, ranging from 3 min short tips to 30 min step-by-step guides
  • 350+ tutorials with annotated screenshots and written instructions
  • Free webinars for professional development
Our friendly, knowledgeable support team provides fast phone support with no phone trees!

Performance in 2021:

  • Calls received: 5,000
  • Average duration: 05:00 minutes
Requests are handled by a globally distributed support team through a dedicated ticketing system called ZenDesk. All replies are sent within 24 hours of the original request.

Performance in 2021:

  • Requests received: 33,500+
  • Resolved within 4 hours: 46%
  • Responded within 8 hours: 84%
When 24/7/365 across any device with printable PDF exports for every tutorial and guide. 24 hours a day during the work week, starting on Monday at 9am HKT (GMT +8) and ending on Friday at 5pm PST (GMT -7/-8, depending on daylight savings). 24 hours a day during the work week, starting at Monday 8am HKT (GMT+8) and ending at Friday 6pm PST (GMT-7 / -8 depending on daylight savings). Dedicated weekend support for urgent queries.
Where Visit us at help.managebac.com, or click on the Help & Support button within your ManageBac account. Local Direct Dial Telephone Numbers for each region to save on long-distance charges. Email us at support@managebac.com or submit a Support Request within ManageBac directly.
Read about our customer success story with Zendesk here


Satisfaction (last 100 ratings)

What people say

“I must say: What a wonderful customer service that ManageBac has!”
Rawan El Adawi
Wellspring Learning Community

“ManageBac's customer service is among the best that I have ever worked with”
Stacey Brown
Lakeside HS

Flexible Training Options

Online Training

Online sessions are complimentary. Book with 24 hours notice directly via our public website or with a specific representative. The online booking system provides options in a customer’s local time with instant confirmation.

We handled more than 2,200 trainings in 2021!

Who can join?
Training can be 1-1, or group training with your teacher team. For sessions with more than three people, we recommend setting up a projector and speakers. The team can ring the school early to test that the equipment works smoothly.

What’s required?
A computer with a microphone and good speakers
An Internet connection

Who can book training?
All account administrators can book training. We are happy to do teacher training as well, but request that schools organise this as group training.

When are training sessions available?
Training is available 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday. The team requires 24+ hours’ notice when booking.

Onsite Training

Based on availability, ManageBac offers paid onsite training for schools that wish to compress training time or prefer onsite support. Depending on the size of school and training sessions desired, we recommend anywhere from one day to two days of onsite training. Sessions will be customised based on the needs of your school.

Who can join?
We recommend scheduling training for both your account administrators and for your teacher team.

What’s required?
A presentation screen
Attendees should have access to computers

ManageBac can be flexible and use school laptops or use their own technology.

Sample agenda
8:30 – 9:00 Introduction & update for senior leadership team, review agenda for the day
9:00 – 10:00 Report card customisation
10:00 – 10:30 DP Core Teacher Training
10:30 – 11:00

DP Teacher Training: 

  • Classroom Management
  • Assignments Gradebook, Reporting
11:00 – 12:30

MYP Teacher Training: 

  • Classroom Management
  • Curriculum Planning
  • Assignments Gradebook, Reporting
12:30 – 13:30 Lunch
13:30 – 14:30

PYP Teacher Training: 

  • Classroom Management
  • Curriculum Planning
2:30 – 3:30 Final Q&A

Who can book training?
Any account administrator can book onsite training.

When are training sessions available?
Training is available year-round depending on staff availability. Please note that the demand for training peaks from August-October. We require a minimum of 2 weeks notice for training.

Implementation Model

We offer a 30 day implementation period with a dedicated manager to set up ManageBac tailored to your school’s timeline, budget, and needs.

  • Dedicated Implementation Specialist who will work with your school every step of the way
  • Complimentary online training tailored to your school’s needs
  • Clear implementation schedule based on personal consultation about your school’s goals
  • Complimentary imports of your school’s curriculum standards by our dedicated Data Team
  • The option to organise your specialist to visit your school onsite for more intensive school training

Service Level Agreement

Our technology operations and support teams deliver world-class service with 99.8% system uptime, 24-hour telephone & email support, and security & data protection compliance.

We guarantee:

System Uptime

99.8% system uptime

24 Hour Support

A 24-hour max response time for all support requests

Safeguard Data

A pledge to protect privacy and safeguard data with daily local backups


SSL-encryption for all subdomains

For the Years Ending
2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021

Uptime (%)

99.8 %

99.92 %

99.98 %

99.97 %

99.91 %

99.91 %

End user tier

Load time (sec)

2.84 sec

2.73 sec

2.51 sec

2.3 sec

Application server

Monthly Requests (millions)

85 mm

108.8 mm

36.5 mm

44.5 mm

Resp. time (milliseconds)

228 ms

236 ms

188 ms

117 ms

Meet the ManageBac Support Team

  • Lamine Toumi

    Lamine Toumi

    Senior Customer Support Specialist Supporting schools in Arabic Thanks to my previous experiences in Teaching and Technical Support, I have crossed paths with ManageBac! My goal is to support schools and their learning communities, in both English and Arabic, to help simplify their everyday duties.
  • Xuqi Wu

    Xuqi Wu

    Customer Support Specialist Supporting schools in Chinese With a background of customer support, I am keen on efficiency and customer solutions. With the help of booming EdTech, I do my best to cater to the customers’ desires.
  • Amrit Sivadas

    Amrit Sivadas

    Customer Support Specialist Supporting schools in Hindi A post-graduate in Logistics Management, I have a flair towards Ed-Tech. I have worked previously for the Ed-tech industry in India and introduced students and schools to various digital learning solutions. The investigative spirit in finding solutions is what I like the most about customer support.
  • Jane Hsiao

    Jane Hsiao

    Customer Support Representative Former IB student with a background in tech customer support, I'm passionate about education and excited to bring the best customer experience to ManageBac!
  • Jane Wu

    Jane Wu

    Customer Support Representative A former educator who has transitioned into the exciting world of technology. With a background in English and Educational Technology, I have always been passionate about the intersection of education and technology. As a customer success representative at Faria, I bring my expertise and experience from the education sector to help our clients get the most out of our products and services. I firmly believe that great customer service is the key to building lasting relationships with our clients. I’m excited to be contributing to the dynamic world of technology and supporting our customers along the way.
  • Yin-Yin Chan

    Yin-Yin Chan

    Implementation Manager Having lived and worked in Taiwan, Japan, and New Zealand, I love to combine my passion for intercultural communication with my experience in international education to support schools from around the world in using ManageBac to deliver the optimal teaching and learning experiences.
  • Haydi Sadek

    Haydi Sadek

    Implementation Specialist The quote “Knowledge is power” reverberates in much of my childhood memories in the classroom. My own experience as teacher further fueled my passion for education as a way of empowering others to realize their potential. Working as part of ManageBac’s Customer Success team allows me to assist schools continuously grow their knowledge and skills, while striving for a positive customer experience.
  • Briana Mcgee

    Briana McGee

    Customer Support Representative Briana is a Customer Support Representative for ManageBac in the Americas. She graduated with a degree in Elementary Education from Knox College. Briana joined the ManageBac Support team because she is passionate about education technology and providing positive customer experiences.
  • Lidia Eastman

    Lidia Eastman

    Customer Support Representative Supporting schools in Spanish Lidia is a Customer Support Representative for ManageBac in the Americas. She is originally from Spain and supports our schools in Spanish and English. With a diverse background in customer support, Lidia is passionate about learning and applying her knowledge to ensure customer success.
  • Kay Holl

    Kay Holl

    Customer Success Manager, Americas ManageBac I'm a former IB MYP and DP teacher who used ManageBac as Curriculum Planning tool in the classroom. I joined Managebac's Support team because I wanted to be able to assist other educators in learning the ins and outs of ManageBac.
  • Darby Cave

    Darby Cave

    Americas Customer Support Manager I discovered my passion for supporting teachers and administrators while working in an English academy in Spain. Atlas drew me in because supporting our clients combines my background in teaching, account management and client engagement in a unique way. I strive to help our clients feel comfortable and confident as they map their curriculum in Atlas.
  • Anup Lalli

    Anup Khela

    Implementation Specialist I'm a finance graduate with a passion for IT! I've specialised with software after graduating and love providing schools with the best software solutions.
  • Riley Washington

    Riley Washington

    Senior Manager, ManageBac Customer Success With a background in customer support and previous roles at a school and principals association in Australia, ManageBac combines my passion for education along with technology!
  • Kieran

    Kieran Tully

    Director, Customer Success Born and raised in the multicultural melting pot of Western Sydney, I've developed a strong passion for cross-cultural communication. With a background in IT and Event Services, I use these skillsets to drive the customer experience our global team provide for our users.

Security & Compliance

As part of our ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certification, we are committed to keeping your data safe and secure by using best practices to maintain high levels of security and global data protection compliance.

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