The New PYP Next

Redesigned from the ground up for the New PYP!

  • The only learning platform supporting the full IB Continuum and designed with the new Standards & Practices in mind.
  • Collaborative real-time unit planning with integrated Student Portfolio, Assessment and Reporting.
  • Flexible unit template editor and enhanced reflections designed from the ground up for the new PYP.
  • Worksheets for Service Learning and Exhibition allow students to plan, record and reflect upon action as a dynamic outcome of agency.
  • Harmonized into ManageBac’s new User Interface for web & mobile.
  • Broad curriculum support with over 600+ academic standards to support your national curriculum requirements.

Collaborative Real-time Planning

With improved unit flexibility, real-time collaboration and online presence.

Collaborative Curriculum Planning

Collaboratively create, edit and share unit planners across year levels in real-time.


Built-in with transdisciplinary themes, key concepts, ATL skills, and more.

See the Big Picture

Browse whole-school curriculum and analytics to track coverage of concepts and skills.


Embed notes, files, photos, videos and websites with our drag & drop “Stream & Resources”.

Redesigned PYP Unit Planner

With a host of improvements for your Early Years, Standard and Specialist (stand-alone) Planner templates.

Fonts & Icons

more readable with visual cues

Online Presence

to indicate when colleagues are online

Real-Time Editing

to allow for collaborative planning

In-Line Editing

to improve context and ease-of-use


to support meaningful reflection throughout the cycle


to align and link assessment tasks & learning experiences


customizable background headers to reflect your unit

Learning & Teaching

Inside and outside your classroom with Portfolio and Learning Experiences.

  • Portfolio Timeline provides a chronological view of student progression with a showcase.
  • Students and Teachers can easily add from Web or Mobile:
    Goals Reflections Coursework Observations Awards
  • Build connections to:
    Learner Profile ATL Skills Concepts
  • Support your Authorization & Evaluation process with evidence and link directly to the new IB’s Programme Standards & Practices.

Improve school-to-home communication and parent engagement with Advanced Options

  • Share
  • Send
  • Emoji
  • Star
  • Comments


Flexible assessment options directly integrated with Reporting.

Evaluate the:

  • Units of Inquiry
  • Learning Outcomes
  • ATL Skills

Easily assess specialist subjects and include student coursework

Reflect & Connect

Supporting Initial to Final Reflection and Building Connections.

End-to-end Reflections

  • Collaboratively reflect alongside the Planner
  • Reflections include Guidance from PYP: from principles into practice
  • Flexibly customize and map your Reflections & Guidance by Unit Section

Building Connections

  • Easily tag with ATL Skills, Learner Profile and Key Concepts

Supporting your IB 5-Year Review

As the IB’s Exam Systems delivery partner, we are delighted to provide drag’n’drop evidence submission from ManageBac for your school’s authorization & evaluation self-study to make your accreditation management process as efficient and smooth as possible.

With the upcoming release of the new Standards & Practices in Spring 2020, you will be able to tag Units, Portfolio items, Reflections and Tasks to organize evidence and indicators of excellence for specific standards & practices streamlining the accreditation management process for your Coordinator, Leadership Team and Teachers.

ManageBac for Mobile

With broad curriculum support for your entire learning community.

Redesigned from the ground up with full functionality:

  • Classroom Management
  • Portfolio
  • Service Learning (CAS, SA)
  • Curriculum Planners
  • Project-based Learning (EE, Personal Project)
  • Gradebook
  • Reporting

Sharing on Airdrop

Easily submit Cousework, post Reflections and update Project journals on the go!

  • Students
  • Teacher & Advisor
  • Admin
  • Parents & Family

School Resources

Download these PYP-specific resources to support you and your school with the transition to the enhanced PYP.

Programme of Inquiry

Explore thirty-six fully developed Units of Inquiry for Grades K-5 aligned to commonly used academic standards. Created by a group of leading PYP educators in Portland, Oregon.

PYP Posters (English)

Twelve engaging classroom posters illustrated by author and IB teacher Chris Gadbury. Posters highlight the IB Learner Profile, Approaches to Learning, Key Concepts, and more.

PYP Posters (Japanese)

Twelve engaging classroom posters illustrated by author and IB teacher Chris Gadbury. Posters highlight the IB Learner Profile, Approaches to Learning, Key Concepts, and more.

PYP Report Card Sample

Designed for flexibility and customisation, reflecting the wide diversity of assessment approaches at IB PYP schools.

PYP Stickers

Spark creativity with stickers that spotlight Approaches to Learning, Key Concepts, and more.

Maps and Sticker Sheets: 'Who We Are' & 'Sharing the Planet'

A classroom activity that integrates the PYP’s six transdisciplinary themes.

How to Create PYP Next Unit Plans

Press play and watch a video on How to Create PYP Next Unit Plans in ManageBac.

eBook: Prepare for the Enhanced PYP

First look and preview of PYP Next, redesigned from the ground up for the enhanced PYP.

eBook: Change Management in Schools

As you transition to the enhanced PYP, find out what the research tells us about how to make your innovations a success.

eBook: Crowdsourced Inspiration and Strategies from PYP Educators

Get the scoop on how PYP educators around the world are leading their teaching teams as they transition to the enhanced PYP.

PYP Unit Planner Sample

Preview the experience of Plan, Design & Implement, and Reflect for each unit of inquiry using the ManageBac unit planner.

Events & Webinars

Register for one of our upcoming PYP workshops or webinars below.

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