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What is AssessPrep?

AssessPrep allows Teachers to easily create online assessments & exams directly from your ManageBac Classes. Together with our built-in QuestionBank and the OSC Study App, Teachers can now access thousands of pre-built formative, summative and past exam paper questions for the IB Continuum.


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Purpose-Built for the IB Continuum

How can you use AssessPrep?

Mock Exams

Flexibly designed to support a full range of assessment from Mock Exams with Remote Proctoring capability.

Live Quiz

Live Quizzes in the ManageBac Presentation Mode.

Flipped Classroom

Flipped Classroom & Blended Learning with automated ManageBac Gradebook Sync.


Easily Embed formatives & Knowledge-check questions directly into your ManageBac Stream and Resources.

Create Rich, Interactive Assessments

Collaboratively create assessments with videos, simulations, images and a variety of question types.

15+ Question Types

MCQs, long answer, auto-correctable interactives – Label, Hotspot, Match, Sort, Classify, Graphing, Table/Chart and more.

Question Bank

Reuse questions and assessments from existing resource library.

Aligned to IB MYP and DP.

Subject-specific Assessment Criteria.

ManageBac Integrations

Classroom Sync


Create or Link AssessPrep to ManageBac Tasks

Gradebook & Coursework Sync

This integration point within ManageBac Classes provides a seamless process for creating and/or exploring online assessments straight from your AssessPrep account – all within ManageBac.

This integration point within ManageBac’s Presentation mode provides embedded Formatives and Knowledge-check questions via the Pamoja Lesson Suite offering.

This integration point within ManageBac Gradebook provides an automated sync of grades and annoted coursework from AssessPrep to ManageBac once the students complete the AssessPrep Online Assessment.


Ms. Baishali Chakraborty

Oakridge International School, Bangalore

We have been using AssessPrep for the last three years, and I must say the platform is very user friendly.

Dr. Moses Orwe

Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa

The best part is the library, which allows us to use previous tasks to make new ones. It’s a good tool to use for both formative and summative tasks.

Mr. Rashid Khalid

TNS Beaconhouse, Lahore

We were one of the first schools to use AssessPrep. Without AssessPrep, our success in the MYP would not have been possible

Ms. Sonal Chabria

Jamnabai Narsee Internationan School, Mumbai

I find all the question types extremely helpful while creating rich, interactive tests for my students. I would definitely recommend AssessPrep to other IB schools

Ready to Streamline your Assessments? Get Started with AssessPrep

If you already use ManageBac in your school, you can enable a free trial of AssessPrep via Services Manager, accessed in your ManageBac Settings. Alternatively, please reach out to our Sales Team to arrange a demonstration and a chat about how AssessPrep could benefit your school!

Looking for support for the IB Diploma or Career-related Programmes?

AssessPrep is now included in ManageBac Passport, our most comprehensive solution for the IB DP and CP to date. When your school subscribes to ManageBac Passport, you benefit from access to five Faria systems within one integrated, cost-effective package – delivering unrivalled levels of support across all aspects of teaching, learning and assessment.