We’re delighted today to announce an integration partnership with SchoolsBuddy for Activities Management and Fee Payment.

SchoolsBuddy’s Activities Management module​ enables efficient management, signup and allocation for after school activity programs. Super fast and flexible allocation options combined with a simple interface for parents and students ensures uptake and adoption of the system.

The SchoolsBuddy Fees Payment module​ allows schools to receive payments online from parents for activities, trips and anything else that parents needs to pay for. With simple views, clear payment history and the ability to pay for multiple children at once, parents love the SchoolsBuddy fees module.

Our partnership focuses on delivering a comprehensive technical integration, including:

  • Single Sign-On
  • Streamlined account provisioning
  • Information sync

SchoolsBuddy integration utilises the ManageBac API for a seamless setup: information about staff, parents, students, registration groups and subject classes are transferred instantly, so schools can begin using the SchoolsBuddy modules without fuss.

SchoolsBuddy can be found in over 22 countries worldwide, and with data centres in 3 major regions globally, SchoolsBuddy can support schools around the World.

Visit the SchoolsBuddy website to find out more or to schedule a demo!

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