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Learning Management

The better way to manage your IB DP and CP!

We support every step of your IB journey, from managing the DP and CP Core to all aspects of coordination – including planning subjects, IB deadlines, portfolios, eCoursework submission and IBIS Exam Registration.


Report Cards


Reporting with ManageBac just got even better with multi-curricula Report Cards, built for the IB Continuum and beyond. Generate reports for your whole school using fully customisable, curriculum-aligned templates, and circulate them via web or as print-ready PDFs.

Include all the criteria you need to report on term grades, attendance, service learning, portfolios, and much more. Pick from a vast selection of wallpapers to achieve a look and feel worthy of your school branding.

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Multi Curricula 1
Multi-Curricula Support
Mb Assessment 1 2
Full IB CP Assessment Support
Second Language
Multi-Lingual Reporting
Customization Landing Page 1
Flexible Design & Layout
Wallpaper Themes
Unique Look & Feel
Admissions Icon
Streamline Proofing & Review
Web View Reports
Responsive Web View and PDF Exports

Exam Question Bank

Thousands of IB questions, organised.

We’ve bundled thousands of questions from the IB and Pamoja for studying and exams. Questions are syllabus-mapped and ranked by difficulty level, ensuring you get to choose the right questions at the right time. And by adding written and video step-by-step solutions on top of the IB markscheme, we explain solutions with students in mind.

Screenshot Exam Question Bank
Logo Pamoja Mark@2X 1 1

Study & Revision

Supercharging students’ revision.

We’ve blended the most effective media in one place; flashcards for bite-sizing, videos for anchoring key concepts, revision guides for comprehensive subject overviews, and exams from the Question Bank. ManageBac Passport gives students the possibility to learn in the way that best suits them, on any device, anytime and anywhere. Flipped classroom? Check!

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Logo Osc Study Mark Color@2X 1 1

Online Assessments

End-to-end assessment support.

Design, deliver and grade interactive, online assessments, directly from your ManageBac Classes. Use our in-built DP Question Bank to access ready-made IB and Pamoja exams, or create entirely new ones – for high-stakes or low-stakes assessments, delivered online, in print or a mixture of both. Plus, unlock a range of automations and analytics with our full Gradebook sync – saving valuable time and effort during grading and feedback.

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1500 By 1500 1 1

Pre-Built Curriculum

The content that powers all IB-approved Pamoja Online Courses.

Benefit from Pamoja’s 12 years of experience in innovating online learning for the IB Diploma with our Pre-Built Curriculum for 20+ IB DP Subjects including units, lessons, assessments, and resources for both, synchronous and asynchronous delivery.

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Professional Learning

Embracing the learner in every educator.

We shift how professional learning happens to make the experience more personal, flexible and equitable. Discover our courses and coaching, created by expert IB practitioners to address the most pressing needs of DP school leaders, educators and administrators worldwide.

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What's Included?

For more information on pricing for your school, contact us today.

For the IB Diploma and
Career-related Programmes
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Learning And Teaching IconLearning Platform
Dp Icon 1
DP and CP Core
IBIS Exam Registration
eCoursework and CAS Samples Submission
Learning And Teaching
Teaching & Learning
Mb Assessment 1
Assessment & Reporting
Remote Learning Ico
Remote Learning
21. Mb Keychat
Direct Messaging
Streamline all aspects of the IB Diploma & Career-related Programme Core.
Undertake unit & lesson planning, with in-built space for collaboration and reflection, plus expert guidance.
Seamlessly manage IBIS exam registration, deadlines and eCoursework submission.
Capture, analyse and share students’ performance with an integrated Gradebook.
Osc StudyExam Question Bank
Access thousands of exam questions from Pamoja and the IB, together with accompanying markschemes and step-by-step solutions. Questions are syllabus-mapped and ranked by difficulty level.
5. Osc Study 86.Exam Study
IB Exams
103. Pamoja Exams 1
Pamoja Exams
Label Fill
Syllabus Mapped & Difficulty Level Tagging
1. Curriculum Pd 9. Curriculum 3. Crosscutting Concept
IB Markschemes & Fully Worked Solutions
88. Study Or Assessment Delivery 1
Exam Delivery for Study and Assessments
Multimedia Rich Text Editor
Free Content Updates - all-new content & updated for curriculum reviews
Study IconStudy & Revision
Support revision with past exam questions from our Question Bank, flashcards for content bite-sizing, videos for anchoring key concepts, and revision guides for comprehensive subject overviews.
Dp Icon 1
11+ DP Subjects
Osc Study
IB & Pamoja Exams for Study
Flashcard Sebo Icon
Revision Guide
Revision Guides
Video Icon
Theory Videos
75. Topics
Syllabus Mapped & Searchable
Notes & KeyChat Integration Coming Soon
Dashboard Coming Soon
Exams Management
Free Content Updates - all-new content & updated for curriculum reviews
Spring Assessments 1Online Assessment
Design, deliver and grade interactive online assessments with powerful AI, auto-marking and ManageBac gradebook sync. Use either our Exam Question Bank with ready-made Pamoja exams and official IB questions, or create your own.
Osc Study
IB & Pamoja Exams for Assessments
Mock Exams
32. Quizzes
Live Quizzes
25. Formative Assessment
5. Standards Based Grading
Automatic Gradebook Sync
AI for Auto-Marking, ChatGPT Detection & More
1. CurriculumPre-Built IB DP Curriculum
Deliver the curriculum content built for all IB-approved Pamoja Online Courses with ready-made unit planners, lessons and resources.
Dp Icon 1
15+ DP Subjects
Syllabus Mapped & Searchable
2. Content 1
Flexible & Customisable
2. Managebac 24. Summative Assessment
Built-in Assessments
3. Curriculum Writing
Free Content Updates - all-new content & updated for curriculum reviews
Pd IconProfessional Learning
Join an innovative, global community of educators and coaches - unlocking a rich variety of PD opportunities.
8. Accreditation Manager
Certification & PD Courses
Icon Resources
Contact Sales Contact Sales

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I enable a trial for the ManageBac Passport and what does it cost?

Our Services Manager allows ManageBac Administrators to easily enable a 60-day Self-Service trial, it can be accessed via Settings > Services Manager within ManageBac. Otherwise, please reach out to us at, and your account manager will enable a trial for you within 24 working hours. ManageBac Passport is provided as an annual subscription service, and the cost varies with the total number of students. For more information and an official quotation, please contact us with your student numbers at

We already use ManageBac for our Diploma/Career-Related cohort, can we upgrade in the middle of our billing cycle?

Absolutely, upon confirmation from your team, we will be happy to upgrade your subscription and issue a supplementary invoice on a pro-rata basis to match your billing cycle.

Do these services integrate with each other?

ManageBac Passport is a fully integrated & complete solution for the Diploma/Career-Related Programme(s). All the services included in the Passport work seamlessly with one another.

Is the Passport available for the Middle/Primary Years Programme(s) as well?

Currently, the Passport offering is only for the Diploma and Career-Related Programme. Having said that, ManageBac is our learning platform that supports planning, assessment, reporting, and analytics for the IB Continuum, Cambridge International, Pearson Edexcel, Advanced Placement, and other National/Build-Your-Own Curricula as well. Feel free to contact us at

We are interested in one (or two) of the above services, can we make a standalone purchase?

These services cannot be availed individually. Our Passport offering serves as an all-in-one, budget-friendly solution for your school and Diploma/Career-Related Programme students.
Any more questions?

Visit Help Centre

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