Pamoja Lesson Suite provides teachers with a range of tailor-made resources to use in their classroom, including course content broken down into lessons, student assessment and monitoring tools. A solution to save teachers time on course preparation whilst developing skills in online learning methodologies.

Pamoja Lesson Suite

Curriculum Foundation for Online Learning

With the Pamoja Lesson Suite, you can bring our tailor made online learning resources into your classroom, providing a framework for flexible learning. Whether you use our Pamoja Lesson Suite as a guide on the side or as the backbone to your curriculum, we equip teachers to bring out the best in every learner.

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Curriculum-aligned content built for online learning, originally designed for Pamoja Online Courses – now available for your school.

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Turnkey Curriculum

Comprehensive and integrated with the curriculum, aligned to key syllabus topics and encompassing a complete collection of units, lessons and stream & resources including internal assessments (formative, summative and project-based), videos, readings, and more.

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Flexible & Customisable

Deliver the Pamoja lessons as-is in one-click, or adapt & customise the Units, Lessons and Stream to suit your teaching & learning needs with full support for HL and SL differentiation.

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Global ResourceBank

Seamlessly add Pamoja Lesson Suite Units, Lessons and Resources into your ManageBac classes, either all at once at the start of each course or one-by-one as you go. With the Global ResourceBank, resources are being continuously updated to maintain alignment with changes to the IB Curriculum.

Pamoja Lesson Suite

Extensible with Built-in Integrations:

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Curriculum Foundation for Online Learning …

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Transitioning to Remote Learning

For schools, who are starting their remote learning journey.

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Candidate & Newly Authorised Schools

Who are looking for a baseline curriculum solution.

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New to the IB

Who are looking for inspiration with trusted & proven curriculum-aligned content built for online delivery.

Subject Choice

Subject Catalog

Our broad subject offering provides a comprehensive curriculum solution for your IB Diploma.

IB DP icon@4x 1IB Diploma
BiologyHL Mandarin ab initioSL
BiologySL Mathematics: Analysis and ApprochesHL
Business ManagementHL Mathematics: Analysis and ApprochesSL
Business ManagementSL Mathematics: Applications and InterpretationsHL
ChemistryHL Mathematics: Applications and InterpretationsSL
ChemistrySL PhysicsHL
EconomicsHL PhysicsSL
EconomicsSL PsychologyHL
English A Language and LiteratureHL PsychologySL
English A Language and LiteratureSL Spanish ab initioSL
Extended Essay Spanish BSL
French ab initioSL Theory of Knowledge
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Remote Learning

Building on our recent Zoom Online Lesson release in ManageBac, we are delighted to introduce Presentation Mode & KeyChat to better support schools with synchronous, real-time Remote Learning.

With Presentation Mode, Teachers can:

  • Share their Lessons and Stream & Resources in full-screen mode with direct integration with Zoom Online Lessons.
  • Deliver the Lesson through a smart board or projector in a face-to-face class setting.
Remote Learning

With one-click, Presentation Mode allows Teachers to go full-screen within each Lesson, where they can toggle through different Resource items and fully preview Documents (including Word, PowerPoint, etc.), Videos, Images and Assessment Tasks.

Presentation Mode
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With a wide range of assessment options, teachers can easily add assessment tasks from the Pamoja Lesson Suite together with the associated past exam papers & question-banks.

Effortlessly create formative and summative assessment tasks with HL|SL differentiation, coursework submission, built-in TurnItIn originality check, and powerful annotation options.

Supported Assessment Types for internal and external assessment:

  1. pointsPoint-based
  2. criteriaCriterion-based with optional task-specific clarification
  3. binaryBinary
  4. commentsAnecdotal Feedback

With our split-screen Gradebook, Teachers can annotate coursework and grade side-by-side.

Annotation Options


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Text Box

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