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What is OSC Study?

The OSC Study app is an all-in-one study solution, combining over 8,000 SMARTPREP flashcards, 3,000 Studynova tutorial videos, and 24 OSC Revision Guides across 10 IB Diploma subjects (more in development) to provide the most powerful revision resource available for the modern student and teacher.

Building on decades of experience and creativity across the OSC, SMARTPREP and Studynova teams, OSC Study is designed by expert IB teachers. It is built to enable a fluid knowledge exchange between teachers and students, making it easy to study at home, in school and anywhere in between.

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Revision Guides

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Experience OSC Study for yourself, today

Pam Carter

Former IB DP Coordinator – St. Joseph’s Institution International, Malaysia & IBICUS Workshop Leader

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I think the cards are excellent. The author has managed to conserve the conceptual nature of the new syllabus, which is great. I would certainly recommend them to my students.

Anders J.

Langkaer Gymnasium, Denmark

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I found the videos and explanations very straightforward and easy-to-follow. If I didn’t understand a topic or an aspect of a certain video, it was great to be able to rewind and listen to/watch it again. A wonderful source for revision!

Amazon Reviewer

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Genuinely all you need for your HL Maths course!

Zuzanne Piosik

International School of Gdansk, Poland

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The IB flashcards are the best thing that could happen to a student. They are very easy to take around, so you can revise the material everywhere you are. Moreover, they contain questions and answers formed just like in the answer key, so you can be sure to fit in the mark schemes of your exams.

Noorhan Elsayed

The Gulf English School, Qatar

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I loved how the videos break down the subject matter very simply, making the material easy for the student to absorb. (love the jokes btw, never quit! lol) P.S. I passed physics, so THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Amazon Reviewer

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Amazing for relearning some stuff. The whole revision guide is filled with all the crucial points you need. You don’t have to go hunting for information.

The Subjects

Broad DP coverage. Expanded continuously. All included.

OSC Study revision materials are produced by educators from leading IB world schools. Collectively, their experience ranges from subject and group coordination, to participating in curriculum reviews and authoring for the main publishing houses. Most of them are also experienced IB examiners, so they can show you what you need to know in order to achieve the best results on your exams.

Try it now and experience 10 IB DP subjects for yourself. Start your free 7-day trial now without any obligation to purchase.

Mathematics AA 2

Mathematics A&A


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Physics 1 2



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History 1 2



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Mathematics AI 2

Mathematics A&I


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Business Management 2

Business Management


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Spanish B 2

Spanish B


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Biology 1 2



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Economics 1 2



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Chemistry 1 2



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Coming Soon

The study tools

OSC Study comes with a ton of features that allow learners to organise all content according to their needs and preferences. And educators can do the same.

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Add study notes to any card, page in the revision guide or any video. Access all your notes from a preview screen and sort through them any way you’d like.
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Create folders to organise the app’s content according to your needs.

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Search for key terms to immediately access all content, notes, folders, and exercises from one convenient place.

The teaching tools

Study tools alone aren’t enough. OSC Study is fully integrated with ManageBac to connect you with your students. The app makes it easy and quick to plan the next class, prepare students for assessments or tailor homework assignments. Anytime and anywhere.

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Single Sign-On

Log in to OSC Study with your ManageBac credentials.

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OSC Exercises

Build OSC Exercises by selecting the flashcards that match your teaching points. You and your students will have instant access to them on any device.

Coming soon for revision guides and videos.

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OSC Exercises

OSC Exercies will always appear within OSC Study. And within ManageBac as a unit-specific resource.

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Via drag & drop, you can sequence any resource in a stream for your students to follow along their learning journey. Complement your OSC Exercises with Google Drive documents, photos, and many more.

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Find out how to put connected learning at the heart of your teaching.

Schedule your free 25 minute 1-on-1 demo with ManageBac today to see how OSC Study engages students. Available 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday.

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Trial or Buy

We want you to experience OSC Study for yourself. Start with a free 7 day individual or school-wide trial without any obligation to purchase, or request a paid 1 year school-wide access today.

We also offer individual access, for 3 months, 6 months or 1 year.

School Subscription

US$39per year and user


Included in:
ManageBac DP Plus Bundle

CNY 318per year and user


Included in:
ManageBac DP Plus Bundle

  • 10 IB DP subjects included

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  • Subject updates included

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  • Flashcards, revision guides, and videos included

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  • Access from any device

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  • Simultaneous access (2 devices)

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  • The teaching tool: OSC Exercises

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  • 24 hour phone and email support, Monday through Friday

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  • Annual fee rolled up into your ManageBac invoice

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  • OSC Study is the new version of SMARTPREP IB App. If you have an active subscription, you’re automatically upgraded

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Individual trial

Free 7 day access

  • Who?

    Students, teachers, … anyone can experience the app.

  • Access?

    Only you, immediately

  • OSC Exercise
Interested in purchasing OSC Study for yourself?
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School-wide trial

Free 7 day access

  • Who?

    Schools only. Trial requested through your ManageBac admin.

  • Access?

    Your entire school, within 1 business day

  • OSC Exercise
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10 tips for using OSC Study in class

Students respond well to varied presentations and their interest is peaked by learning technologies. The OSC Study app is designed so it can be used effectively in class and beyond. We put together a compact presentation that contains 10 hand-on examples of how you can use the app.

So much more than an app!

OSC is proud to facilitate a smooth and successful user experience from content quality to the technical aspects of using our platform. Our goal is to make our users’ journey secure, successful and rewarding.

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24 hours, Monday through Friday – via phone and email. It’s the same support team that helps you with ManageBac.

USA +1 866 297 7022

UK +44 208 133 7489

HK +852 8175 8152

Australia+61 2 8006 2335

CN400 009 9225


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Data security

Your school’s data is private – and that’s how we treat it. We are 100% GDPR compliant.

Top FAQs

In case you missed anything.

Can I experience OSC Study for free?

To access OSC Study, you will need to have a ManageBac account.

All ManageBac users – students and teachers – are able to access OSC Study for free. You can use our single sign-on (SSO) with ManageBac, allowing you to dive into OSC Study right away using your ManageBac account. Upon your first login, you will have a free 7-day trial with full access to all contents.

If you don’t have a ManageBac account, you will be able to sign up through OSC in the near term. Until then, access to OSC Study will be exclusively available to ManageBac users.

Try OSC Study for free now.

Can my school buy full access for all its students and teachers?

For schools, OSC Study is available at a special rate exclusively through ManageBac (learn more).

Why does OSC Study content meet such high quality standards?
OSC Study resources are created by IB professionals. Our content contributors are or have been active teachers, examiners, workshop or revision course leaders. Many of them have worked for other renowned publishing houses, like Oxford or Cambridge University Press. The Mathematics flashcards have been created entirely by the popular IB Mathematics publisher Haese Mathematics.
Which resources are included in OSC Study?
OSC Study features SMARTPREP IB flashcards, OSC Revision Guides and Studynova Videos, jointly covering 10 IBDP subjects (more in development).
What subjects does OSC Study cover?
OSC Study provides resources for 10 IBDP subjects:
Maths A&A, Maths A&I, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, ES&S, History, Business Management, Economics and Spanish B. Subjects we’re currently developing are: Sports, exercise and Health Science, Psychology, Geography, French B and English B. As they become available, we will add them to your account as free updates.
I’m our school’s ManageBac admin. How do I enable OSC Study?

Unless you requested a school-wide trial or are subscribed to OSC Study / the ManageBac Plus package (learn more), you cannot enable OSC Study. To enable OSC Study, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to ManageBac
  2. Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Integrations’
  3. Select ‘OSC Study’
  4. Click on the ‘Enable’ checkmark
  5. OSC Study is now enabled, allowing your teachers and students to benefit from the exercise functionality.
My school purchased a school-wide license for SMARTPREP IB App. How can I access OSC Study?
All SMARTPREP IB App subscribers will automatically benefit from OSC Study. There’s nothing you need to do.
How does OSC Study assess studying progress?
We strongly believe in the philosophy of self-assessment to promote learning. This is why we’ve included buttons that allow you to assess your confidence level for the flashcards and to mark revision guide pages as read or not read. Videos are automatically marked as watched when you’re done with them. This drives your learning log and feeds the statistics on how you progress.
Can I use OSC Study with my mobile, tablet and computer?
Absolutely! You can access OSC Study with all mobile, tablet, and computer devices. OSC Study is a web app that is accessed via your web browser. The design is responsive, which means that the user interface automatically adapts to the screen size of your device, displaying the same interactive features and content.
Do I need to be connected to the internet to use OSC Study?
Yes. In the current version, OSC Study will require you to have an internet connection.

Need extra help?