New Subject: DP Digital Society

Jul 25, 2022

The IB’s newest DP subject has been released for first teaching in August 2022, replacing Information Technology in a Global Society (ITGS). This exciting development sees several major changes that I can’t wait to teach and that students are bound to be enthusiastic about.

Highlights include:

BulletAn inquiry-focused approach, with structured inquiry stages.

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Adapted from: IB DP Digital Society Guide

BulletReal-world examples that connect Digital Society Concepts, Content & Contexts (3Cs), helping students prepare for the world beyond school and future-proofing their education.


Adapted from: IB DP Digital Society Video Introduction

BulletCoherent, backward-planned and scaffolded assessment tasks.

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Adapted from: IB DP Digital Society Teacher Support Material

Although this new subject has not yet been taught, I have been busy preparing and integrating the content into two new Pamoja Online Courses, ready for first teaching in August 2022:

Collaboration and Connections

The interconnected, inquiry-focused nature of the Digital Society course is what forms the skeleton of our new Pamoja Digital Society Online Courses. While the lessons and activities in the course cover the specific topics required, they also provide continuous connections with other areas of the syllabus.

Putting together the Pamoja Online Courses, we have designed activities that allow students to collaborate, share and learn from each other, as well as work individually to focus their knowledge through investigation, exploration and reflection. This is in keeping with the IB DP Approaches to Teaching and Learning.

In addition to collating the IB teacher support material, our subject experts have been working tirelessly to provide real-world examples and produce additional support material, offering variety to teachers and guidance to students while learning. These resources will be available in the Pamoja Online Courses, and via Pamoja Lesson Suite, for teachers to use in their own classes.

Practice and Flexibility

The HL course focuses on the HL extension topics, and we are building in activities to walk students through the extended inquiry process. We are including plenty of practice activities to help students master the extended inquiry, and we offer examples along the way to enable teachers and students to understand what is required.

As planned by the IB, a new Paper 3 pre-released statement will be published just months before the IB external exams. Our course has therefore been planned to allow the flexibility to adapt to new releases year after year. The course gives teachers the foundation on which to base their adapted lessons.

Finally, the Inquiry Project, or Internal Assessment, forms an important part of our course. This phase of the course includes detailed guidance on the process and a clear plan for students to follow, helping them work towards successful completion of the project and enjoy a great learning experience. Before final submission, there will also be the opportunity for teacher and peer review feedback.

We are excited to see these courses being launched, and our teachers are looking forward to teaching them! If you would like to find out more or register your school’s interest in DP Digital Society, visit the Pamoja Online Courses website.

If you need help with implementing the New Guide, you can book a MiniPD Coaching Session with me, or use ManageBac Passport to access ready-made resources through Pamoja Lesson Suite.

More Information:

For further guidance on the new DP Digital Society Guide, visit the IB DP Digital Society Page, using your MyIB Login. Alternatively, navigate to the ManageBac IB DP Digital Society Subject Page, using the Globe Icon at the top of any Class page, where you will find additional resources and support.

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About the Author

Zena Bjorgen

Zena Bjorgen
Subject Leader, Digital Society

Zena Bjorgen started teaching IB DP Information Technology in a Global Society in 2007, in an international school in Amman, Jordan. In 2012, she moved to teaching ITGS online through Pamoja, where she has since serviced as head of the ITGS Department, acting as course advisor and subject matter expert. Zena is now focused on leading the new IB DP Digital Society course design for Pamoja, while continuing to engage and prepare students for the future of online learning. Zena is also an IB Examiner. As Subject Leader for DP Digital Society, Zena is responsible for providing the ManageBac teaching community with subject-specific ideas and expertise via our IB DP Digital Society Subject Page.