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Thank you for your interest in upgrading to ManageBac Passport. For a small additional cost, your school could dramatically enhance your existing ManageBac account, and benefit from a range of integrated services – benefitting Coordinators, Educators and Students alike.


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ManageBac Passport

For Whom? For schools looking to implement ManageBac as their learning & management system. For schools looking to enhance all aspects of their delivery of the IB Diploma and Career-related Programmes.
Implementation Scope Whole-school: IB Coordinators / Subject Teachers / Technology Director / Leadership Whole-school: IB Coordinators / Subject Teachers / Technology Director / Leadership
Implementation Timeline 3-4 weeks 6-12 weeks
5. OSC Study 27. DigitalLearning Management System
2. ManageBac 8. CASCreativity, Activity, Service
2. ManageBac 10. Extended EssayExtended Essay
1. Curriculum PD 1. Subject Group 9. Theory of KnowledgeTheory of Knowledge
ibisIBIS Exam Registration
e Coursework 1024eCoursework Integration
2. ManageBac 2. CalendarIB Deadlines & Calendars
7. Help Centre 1. Faria Help Centre 5. Units PlansUnit Planning
6. MiniPD 3. Assessment 1. Grade CalibrationInternal Assessments
2. ManageBac 7. GradebookGradebook
5. OSC Study 30. Flash CardsMultimedia Revision Tools
5. OSC Study 86.Exam StudyIB Exams with Solutions
5. OSC Study 28. Virtual WhiteboardOnline Assessment Platform
2. ManageBac 47. Multiple Choice Questions MCQs MultipleDP Question Bank
3. OpenApply 24. Track Leads OnlineAssessment Analytics
5. OSC Study 72. FoldersReady-Made DP Units
6. MiniPD 1. Curriculum Instruction 3. .Lesson PlanningReady-Made DP Lessons
2. ManageBac 18. ResourcesReady-Made DP Resources
6. MiniPD 1. Curriculum Instruction 7. Project Based LearningCoaching Sessions for Educators