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Johnny Yang

IT Specialist

ManageBac stood out as a system that resonated with our needs, especially in managing the diverse aspects of student boarding.

Fettes College Guangzhou, founded by Bright Scholar Education Holdings, China’s largest operator of K-12 schools, embodies a unique blend of living and learning environments, closely aligned with the principles of its Edinburgh counterpart. At the school, students engage in a bilingual curriculum that includes both IGCSE and A Level courses, reflecting a commitment to comprehensive and diverse educational offerings.

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Implementation History

Implementation History 3

Revolutionising Boarding Management

Fettes College Guangzhou has always sought innovative solutions to enhance their educational and administrative processes. “ManageBac, particularly in its integration with SchoolsBuddy, stood out as a system that resonated with our needs, especially in managing the diverse aspects of boarding students,” shares Johnny.

Prior to implementing ManageBac, the school relied on a traditional paper-based system for managing student attendance and activities within its boarding houses. “The main challenge with this was the delayed communication about student absences to our boarding supervisors, leading to operational inefficiencies and gaps in communication,” Johnny explains.

With the implementation of ManageBac, the school has achieved real-time data synchronisation, bridging the information gap between teachers, students, and parents. “In 2020, we turned to ManageBac for a solution. We’ve adapted one of the modules for boarding management, which has been incredibly effective. It’s not just about recording attendance; it’s about understanding and monitoring our students’ daily lives in the boarding houses. The behaviour notes in ManageBac have been important in providing a comprehensive view of student life and facilitating communication with parents,” says Johnny.

Further elaborating on the platform’s utility, Johnny highlights the impact it has had on the school community, “It’s remarkable how this unified platform has enhanced our internal communication, enabling a streamlined flow of essential information to all those involved in the students’ welfare.”

Enhancing Academic and Operational Efficiency

Another significant strength of ManageBac is its ability to streamline academic and operational processes. “Its comprehensive features allow for seamless integration of various school functions, from grading and reporting to curriculum planning.” This holistic approach not only saves time but also ensures consistency and accuracy across all areas of school management, demonstrating why ManageBac is considered an essential tool for schools.

“ManageBac has been instrumental in streamlining our operations and fostering a community-centric approach. Its adaptability to the unique needs of international schools like ours underscores its value as an important management tool in our educational ecosystem,” concludes Johnny. This highlights ManageBac’s comprehensive role in not just improving operational efficiency but also in nurturing a vibrant and collaborative educational community.

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