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One complete learning platform with 600+ built-in academic & accreditation standards.


Choose one. Or multiple. We’ve got you covered.

With support for all major academic programmes and frameworks, plus hundreds of standards available in our system, you are equipped to craft and deliver a programme that truly reflects your school’s unique mission and values.

Curriculum Pathways

Select the combination of exemplar programmes which make up your whole school curriculum – then request a free consultation to discuss your school’s unique context and needs, and explore how we can strategically support you across curriculum, assessment, reporting, accreditation and systems.

Age range: 2 - 11 years old

Global Curriculum

  • IB PYP
  • IPC
  • Build Your Own

British Curriculum

  • EYFS
  • Primary
  • iPrimary
Please select at least one option.
Age Range: 11 – 16 years old

Global Curriculum

  • IB MYP
  • Pre-IB
  • Build Your Own

British Curriculum

  • iLower Secondary
  • Lower Secondary
  • Cambridge IGCSE
  • International GCSEs
Please select at least one option.
Age Range: 16 – 18 years old

Global Curriculum

  • IB DP
  • IB CP
  • Build Your Own

British Curriculum

  • AS & A LEVEL
  • IAL

American Curriculum

  • AP
Please select at least one option.

Whole School Standards & Frameworks

Please select at least one option.
  • Whole School Standards & Frameworks
  • Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
  • Common Core State Standards (CCSS)
  • International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)
  • National Core Arts Standards (NCCAS)
  • World-class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA)
  • College, Career & Civic Life Framework for School Studies (C3)
  • National Physical Education Standards (SHAPE)
  • United Arab Emirates Ministry of Education Standards
  • Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA)
  • Victoria Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA)
  • British Columbia Curriculum

Teaching & Learning

Effective implementation of your chosen curricula.

ManageBac ensures the smooth running of all teaching and learning activities in your school – facilitating collaboration and communication at every turn.

Assessment & Reporting

Evaluating student learning with ease.

Leading the way in automation and analytics, our assessment and reporting tools not only empower and inform students and parents, but also save valuable time and effort for teachers and administrators.

Project-Based & Service Learning

Meaningful, hands-on experiences.

Engage your whole school community in impactful Project-Based or Service Learning activities, using the curriculum-agnostic support built into your ManageBac account.


Evidence of learning conveniently consolidated over time.

  • Share students’ learning journeys via a dynamic, digital Portfolio – tracking core values and focus areas via their learning goals and submitted work.
  • Save and export completed Portfolios as PDFs or via third party integrations – supporting students’ next steps.
  • Detail all aspects of student progress, together with attendance and programme highlights, via customisable Report Cards.

Remote Learning

Flexible learning opportunities in the online space.

Deliver rich and interactive online learning experiences for students at home – with Zoom integration and secure direct messaging.

  • Seamless online lesson delivery with Zoom and Presentation Mode.
  • Whole-school communication with KeyChat.
  • Engagement analytics and automaticed reminders with weekly digests.

What's Included?

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Unit Planner
Academic & Accreditation Standards
Curriculum Analytics
Teaching & Learning
Assessment & Reporting
Google Docs
Report Cards
Online Assessments with AssessPrep Integration
Project-Based & Service Learning
Project-Based Learning
Service Learning
Remote Learning
Presentation Mode with Zoom Integration
Direct Messaging with KeyChat
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