Gloria Arpasi ManageBac Community Ambassador

When creating end of term reports, it is essential to manage the perspectives of all of our stakeholders: this includes administration, teachers, parents and students. The way that our end of term reports are viewed by our community reflects deeply on our entire school year, as well as our academic programs. We want these reports to be seen as helpful summative tools, while also being easy to use and thoughtful in the way they are communicated.

Having used ManageBac for over 10 years, I’ve learned how to make these reports the most effective they can be. In this article, I’m excited to share helpful tips and tricks which can streamline the process of creating reports with your teachers, as well as providing parents and students with the most effective information possible. I share this information with the educational community in good spirit, as we can all learn so much from each other and benefit from creative pro-tips and hacks.

BulletStructuring, Proofing and Reviewing Reports Prior to Dissemination

I don’t know about you, but I want my end of term reports to be 100% error free. This is a difficult task, when considering that unique narrative comments may need to be created for hundreds of students in hundreds of classes. That can equate into thousands of comments to edit! An administrator who has to edit all of these comments will be faced with a gargantuan task. Here are a few suggestions of how to send unique comments, but also save time proofing and reviewing reports before they go out to parents and students.

First, develop templates and clear instructions for your teachers on how they can easily create class comments, while adding in unique information for each student. This helps comments look streamlined throughout all reports, as well as ensuring that teachers use IB friendly language and include helpful suggestions for student progress.

  • Enter a UNIQUE, Carefully EDITED comment for each student in your class
  • Date = June 17, 2022
  • Sentence 1-3: copy and paste info about your class (what you did this semester, topics covered, books read, ect) and some closing remarks for semester 2/the school year, other general infor you’d like to share
  • Sentence 3-4: unique comments regarding the student’s exemplar areas/skills, successful habits, efforts to improve, ect.
  • Sentence 4-5: unique comments about the student’s areas for growth, struggling skills, please include behavior issues if necessary, detrimental habits, ect.
  • Last sentence: unique goals that the student should set for themselves, constructive suggestions for success/improvement, goals for the summer
  • Please use IB/MYP/DP/ATL language whenever possible

Secondly, make sure that teachers use a combination of copy and paste blanket comments which describe the events in their classroom, as well as a detailed comment specifically aimed at individual students for personalized communication and success messages.