Building on our Gradebook update in December 2021 and with the help of our Integrations & School Technology Directors, we are excited to share our Reporting > Proofing & Review update.

Available for all Curriculum Programmes and Heads of Subject, Administrators and Teachers with Reporting permissions.

Approach & Design

We completed a methodical review of the Term Grades and Reporting > Proofing & Review workflow to identify process and feature improvements, which will:

  1. TImeSave Teacher & Administrative Time;
  2. Muscle@2x 8Eliminate the need for tedious manual review; and
  3. FeatureImprove the overall quality of assessment feedback within your school.

Field Checker Gradebook Option@2x 8 2

You will find a host of improvements on Subject > Reports > Proofing & Review.

Assessment Analytics

Firstly, you will notice full alignment with the new Term Gradebook design with powerful Assessment Analytics at your finger-tips:

Proofing Review@2x 8 3

Number1Final Grade Distribution: at-a-glance view of Term Grades.

Term Grade Analytics@2x 8 3

Number2At-Risk: quickly identify at-risk students, who are failing based on the running Term Average.

term average discrepancy@2x 8

search Built-in Fields Checker

Gradebook in action

Built-in reporting cross-checks will help you efficiently proof & review and cross-check Term Reports as a Subject Head, Teacher or Principal, including:

1. Missing Grades
2. Missing Comments
3. Missing Rubrics
4. Names: including Preferred Names (Show students whose term comment does not contain their first, last or preferred name.)
5. Grade Discrepancies (Show students whose calculated Term Grade differs by 2 or more levels from the given Term Grade.)

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