Responsible Use Policy for Artificial Intelligence in International Schools

Aug 18, 2023

Generative AI has evolved into a formidable tool, with many schools deliberating on its optimal integration into everyday academic tasks. The myriad of approaches and varied perspectives make it challenging for educational institutions to arrive at a consensus on its application.

The attached Responsible Use Policy Template is provided as a starting point for schools to create their own version, knowing that every international school context will have different considerations, both legal and cultural. As such, the template is provided for easy adaptation. We hope this resource will help schools purposely manage the responsible application of innovative technologies.

The template can be reviewed and edited by your respective teams, substituting terms and amending as necessary, in consultation with the relevant stakeholders. To this end, we have included some guidance and suggestions about each section to help contextualize your discussions.

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About the Author

Adam M

Adam Morris
Schools Technology & Integrations Director

At Faria Education Group, we are committed to helping educators address challenges and navigate opportunities in light of an increasingly interconnected and technologically-driven world.

Adam leads the Schools Technology department at Faria Education Group, and is available for consultations regarding integrations, change management challenges and innovative technologies.

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