Our drive to provide an exceptional user experience has led us to introduce a host of exciting feature updates. We have released a new app update on the Google Play Store. This update brings several enhancements tailored to students, featuring redesigned and mobile-optimised pages for the Tasks & Units Roster, Unit Stream & Resources, and Quick Add functions. These updates only apply to students at the moment, but we are actively working to extend these enhancements to Administrators by the end of August. These revamped pages are part of our ongoing commitment to delivering a seamless and intuitive mobile experience for our users.

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Tasks & Units Roster

We have put a lot of thought into improving the user flow for Unit pages, resulting in an intuitive layout that is easy to navigate. The latest updates include two new pages that organise upcoming and completed Tasks, as well as a new page for Units. These changes make it easier than ever to find Tasks, Units, and Unit Resources.
Tasks Units Roster

Stream & Resources

The new Stream & Resources page was redesigned and optimised to provide quicker access and visibility to all Unit Resources and Lesson Experiences.
Unit Stream Resources

Unit Resources are organised sequentially based on the current Lesson Experience. Students can easily switch to the Lesson Experience or access additional Lesson Experience information from the top section of the Stream & Resources page.
Lesson Experience Details

A new Unit Resource page has also been added. This page is accessible by selecting a resource on the Stream & Resources. The new page displays all Unit resources in a carousel format, allowing students to swipe left or right to cycle through the resources.
Unit Resource View

To further enhance accessibility, Unit Notes have been moved to the top navigation for quick access.
Student Unit Notes

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