Global Search on ManageBac has been expanded to cover Online Lessons, Units and Tasks & Deadlines, which will make it easier than ever for you to find what you are looking for.

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Together with the expanded scope, we have added a new quick navigation, so you can swiftly navigate to your Year Group > CAS or Plan Worksheet.

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You can also expand to full-screen search from the modal and easily filter from All Search Results to the School Directory for students, parents, teachers and administrators, and Year Groups and Classes for all academic results, including Units, Lesson Experiences, Tasks & Deadlines, and Stream & Resources.

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New Keyboard shortcuts also allow you to active the Search with one keystroke (/), rapidly toggle through Search results up or down and (return) to access a specific result.

Stay tuned in the New Year as we continue to expand Global Search for keyword search within Guides & Handbooks, OSC Study for the IB Diploma, and in-line within Messages & Notifications!