Just in time for back to school season, we’re thrilled to unveil the all-new, lightweight design for ManageBac, available to all students, parents, and teachers starting from September 2023. We’ve been hard at work building on the foundation of our Home Menu and Summer Mobile updates to provide you with a fresh and improved user experience.

Enhanced Readability

Fonts Icons

One of the first things you’ll notice is the enhanced readability across all key pages, thanks to a solid typeface. We believe that a clear and legible font is crucial for a smooth and enjoyable user experience.

Streamlined Navigation

Rnav Minimalization

Our goal was to improve the clarity of focus and create a light and refreshing user experience. To achieve this, we’ve minimised distractions by hiding further guidance and options from view, making them just a click away when you need them. This minimalist approach ensures that you can stay focused on what matters most.

Effortless Navigation

Left Navigation

We understand the importance of easy access to all the tools and features you need. Our new design offers streamlined navigation, complete with keyboard shortcuts, presented in a crisp and compact menu. Finding what you need has never been more straightforward.

Enhanced Accessibility

Accessibility Icon

Accessibility is a priority for us. Our updated design includes improved colour contrast, ensuring that ManageBac is accessible for every IB student, whether it’s day or night. We’re committed to making our platform user-friendly for everyone.

We believe that these changes will make a significant difference in your ManageBac experience. We’re excited about the direction we’re heading and are eager to share more updates with you in our next fall release, where we’ll introduce enhancements to Study Mode and Unit Planners.

Thank you for choosing ManageBac as your trusted platform. We look forward to providing you with an even better user experience, helping you succeed in your educational journey. Stay tuned for more exciting developments!

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