Building on our Mobile DashboardDashboard and Calendar 21Calendar updates, explore our new native MB iOS App (coming soon to Android) with an all new mobile design to improve your ManageBac experience on the go! Available for all Curriculum Programmes and all Users (Students, Parents, Teachers & Admins).
Home Menu provides a simple intuitive navigation to all key pages, easily toggle between Tiles and List views. Starting with upcoming deadlines on Calendar and quick access to Classes & Year Groups.

Bottom Menu In Focus And Red Annotation Copy@2X 8

On the bottom menu, you can launch Quick Add@2X 8Quick Add as a student to Submit Coursework, Launch Mobile Scanner, Add a CAS Experience or Post a Reflection. One-click access to Messages & Notifications and powerful Global Search.

Gallery Of Mobile Optimised Screenshots@2X 8 1

Frequently accessed pages including Weekly Planner, Unit Planners, Search, Messages & Notifications and more have been optimised.

Gallery With Ipad Layout@2X 8 3

Together with this update, we have also greatly improved the iPad / Tablet experience, which will set the stage for the ManageBac Mac OS Desktop app.

Class Yg Overview@2X 8 1

Up next, you will find an all new Class and Year Group > Overview design improving navigation & usability.

Stay tuned for more Mobile updates and share your feedback with the Mobile Product Team at

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