Your All-in-One DP Study app just got even more powerful – with a brand new suite of official IB exam papers, mark schemes and solutions now available to all OSC Study school subscribers and 60. PassportPassport schools.

OSC Study provides IB Diploma students and teachers with opportunities to consolidate understanding and skills, using a range of interactive, multimedia tools, and covering 11+ subjects:

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Interactive Flashcards cover key points from the syllabus – helpful for bite-sizing essential concepts.

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In-depth Revision Guides offer comprehensive subject overviews, with full DP curriculum-alignment.

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Engaging Tutorial Videos help to anchor key concepts – an ideal resource for visual and oral learners.

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And now, Official IB Past Papers & OSC Exams provide the means to demonstrate subject knowledge in authentic IB assessment contexts!

You can access OSC Study as part of our brand new 60. PassportPassport solution, which combines five innovative Faria services in one – offering unbeatable value for your school.


Official IB Exam Papers & OSC Exams

Currently covering DP Mathematics and Science subjects, and spanning some 54 papers, this latest release combines official IB past papers with brand new OSC exams. Written by expert IB educators, and fully aligned to the latest syllabus, OSC exams provide even more practice opportunities for DP Mathematics subjects, where the supply of official past papers is limited.

Available Exams@2X 8 1

Topic Mode & Exam Mode

OSC Study balances ongoing study and exam preparation by providing two learning modes for the same exam paper content:

  1. As questions grouped within topics to link concepts to application in context;
  2. As whole exam papers to give a truly realistic exam experience.

Topic Mode: Topics and subtopics from the DP syllabus are now linked to corresponding practice exam questions – giving students opportunities to seamlessly test their understanding while focusing on a particular area. Plus, whenever students are unsure about a question or its solution, they can navigate directly to other media types – related Flashcards, Revision Guides or Videos – to sharpen their understanding.

Exam Mode: All of the questions available via topics and sub-topics are also presented within complete practice papers, catalogued in a new ‘Exams’ area. In this way, students not only have opportunities to practice exam-style questions as needs arise while studying a topic, but they are also able to see those same questions in the context of an authentic IB exam – helping to familiarise them with the IB exam style.

Mark Schemes & Solutions

Regardless of whether students opt for ‘Topic Mode’ or ‘Exam Mode’, they will find full pedagogical support, solutions, and fast links to explanations within OSC Study.

Comprehensive Mark Schemes for all papers are included, and every exam question also comes with a step-by-step written solution. All IB past paper questions are also accompanied by detailed video solutions – including Science Paper 1 Multiple Choice Questions. This in-depth guidance helps to ensure that students are clear on why a particular answer is correct or incorrect, and clarifies the process taken to get to that correct answer.

Support for Self-Evaluation

While browsing practice exam questions in OSC Study, students can instantly see the (sub)topic, syllabus level (SL/HL), and difficulty rating, as well as the maximum number of marks attainable, and whether a calculator is allowed/required. They can also filter by these categories to find particular practice questions.Support For Self Evaluation Screenshot@2X 8 1

After attempting a Free Response Question, students can rate their confidence level using emoticons – indicating whether they feel ‘Confident’, ‘Neither confident nor unconfident’, or ‘Unconfident’. This self-evaluation tool helps students to maintain a sharp focus as they cycle through the hundreds of questions presented in the app – empowering them to take charge of, and reflect on, their own learning and revision.

OSC & AssessprepAssessPrep Integration

OSC Study is now integrated with AssessPrep – allowing all of the new exams to be seamlessly delivered through a powerful online assessment platform. You do not need to have an AssessPrep subscription to access the exams in OSC Study, however, if your school does subscribe to both services via Passport, the benefits are significant.

When subscribing to both services, teachers are able manipulate OSC exam content via AssessPrep – customising questions, moving them around, and using them to create their own quizzes or tests – and they can closely monitor students’ progress via AssessPrep’s in-built analytics tools, which are also fully synced with the ManageBac gradebook.

Watch the New Exams in Action

Try It For Yourself!

If you would like to try out OSC Study’s interactive, multimedia revision tools for your DP class or cohort, 60. PassportPassport is for you!

Launched to coincide with our 15-year anniversary, Passport offers unbeatable value for your school by combining five DP services in one. Incorporating ManageBac for DP, OSC Study, AssessPrep, Pamoja Lesson Suite and MiniPD, Passport supports all aspects of teaching, learning and assessment in one easy, integrated solution.


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