From curriculum planning to IB Evaluation – it’s all there.

Benefit from comprehensive curriculum support, customisable Assessment & Reporting, and an easy to use interface across web and mobile platforms.


Academic Standards & Curriculum Updates

We have added over 600 sets of academic and accreditation standards and benchmarks for our schools comprising the world’s largest indexed collection of over 1.5 million fully-licensed academic standards.

Teaching & Learning

A curriculum-first approach.

  • Pre-built MYP subjects support teachers to plan collaboratively and share resources, tasks and assignments effortlessly.
  • Differentiation is supported naturally in classes (e.g. Phases in Language B) by allowing units, resources, and assessment tasks to be delivered separately.
  • Benefit from automatic curriculum updates, saving you countless hours each year and ensuring that units are accurate and up-to-date.

Assessment & Reporting

Evaluating student learning with ease.

We provide customisable gradebooks, built-in assessment and annotation tools, as well as integrations with Google Docs for coursework submission and TurnItIn for plagiarism prevention.


Service as Action

A framework for meaningful student action.

Track Progress

  • Effectively track Service as Action progress using built-in MYP learning outcomes for service.

Add Activities

  • Plan service activities and request Coordinator approval.

Record and Reflect

  • Upload evidence and reflections in the form of photos, videos, journal entries, and more.

Feedback and Review

  • Communicate via the Message Board and request Supervisor reviews for each activity.

Personal & Community Project

Fostering curiosity, inquiry and discovery.

Track Progress

  • Track and approve student proposals with built-in Global Contexts.

Built-in Criterion

  • Complete the assessment using built-in criterion and export directly to PDF.

Track Ongoing Project Reflections

  • Track ongoing project reflections. Students can reflect meaningfully through journals, websites, photos, and files.


Evidence of learning conveniently consolidated over time.

Students gradually build a digital portfolio over time as they submit coursework into their classes for individual assessments.

  • Track the progression of a student’s Learner Profile attributes and ATLs through their learning goals and submitted work.
  • All submitted work is automatically grouped into subjects with learning goals.
  • Export portfolios as PDFs or sync to our partners when taking the next step in your students’ learning journey.

Remote Learning

Flexible learning opportunities in the online space.

Bring your curriculum to life with a unified remote learning platform on ManageBac with a built-in Zoom integration and direct messaging designed for schools.

  • Seamless online lesson delivery with Zoom and Presentation Mode.
  • Whole-school communication with KeyChat.
  • Engagement analytics and automatic reminders with weekly digests.

What's Included?

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Unit Planner
Programme Standards & Practices and IB Evaluation
Teaching & Learning
Assessment & Reporting
Google Docs
Report Cards
Online Assessments with AssessPrep Integration
Service as Action
Personal & Community Project
Remote Learning
Presentation Mode with Zoom Integration
Direct Messaging with KeyChat
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