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IB Diploma Programme
Aug 22, 2023

Each year, the ManageBac Curriculum Team reviews and implements updates to the IB curriculum support within ManageBac. Changes to the IB DP for first teaching 2023 have primarily focussed on Biology, Chemistry and Physics, as well as all Sciences in the form of the new Collaborative Science Project (replacing what was previously the Group 4 Project).

Within the ManageBac platform, built-in support for Biology, Chemistry and Physics has been updated. In Classes, you can find:

  • Updated Unit Planners with new Aims, Objectives, Syllabus and Criteria
    Summer Update Article Image
  • Streamlined Internal Assessment for Scientific Investigations (previously called Individual Investigation) with inbuilt functionality for planning, collecting and grading student work. See Managing Group 4 Experimental Sciences IAs for more help.
    Summer Update Article V2
  • Quick and easy IA submission to eCoursework. See the Uploading to IB eCoursework from ManageBac guide for more information.
  • An improved framework for the Collaborative Science Project (previously called Group 4 Project) which is available for all Sciences, including updated Reflection Sheet integration.

Further, we are partnering with experienced IB workshop leaders and subject matter experts from IB schools to deliver free webinars to explain how the new courses will impact teaching and learning.

Register here:

Additionally, ManageBac has worked with experienced Science educators to provide resources that allow teachers to make a smooth transition to the new courses.

C04A School Resource Dp Sciences PostersbannerConcept posters help students visualise key ideas and connect them across units.

C04A School ResourcethumbSyllabus mapping documents track the overlap and the changes between the old and the new courses , providing teachers with a framework for reviewing how their existing materials can be used or adapted in the delivery of the new course.

Concept Based Learning In The DpA comprehensive guide for using concepts in the teaching of DP Biology, Chemistry and Physics explains the new concept-based learning approach and uses concrete examples to illustrate how to bring concepts into teaching and learning.

Key Resources and Courses We Have Launched in 2023

In the ManageBac Resource Library, you will find resources to support teaching and learning in all IB Programmes, as well as leadership resources to facilitate a whole-school approach with Ebooks, Posters, Webinars and Teaching Activities, all available to turbocharge your personal professional growth.

Posters covering the DP Concepts and MYP Command Terms will brighten up any classroom and allow teachers to quickly and easily refer to the concepts in class.

A selection of Mini PD courses is available to help you develop professionally at your own pace, obtain certification, and gain recognition. There are a variety of courses to support you in every IB programme. These are low-cost options to complement other PD courses that can be completed in your own time.

Managebac CertificationThe full ManageBac Certification programme offers a rich array of training, networking and profile-raising opportunities. Your certification journey starts with the Training Academy, consisting of short hybrid workshops that blend hands-on activities, practical examples and expert-led discussions to vividly bring timely themes to life. The next level up is our Certified Educator programme which requires ManageBac users to demonstrate their proficiency in our platform via formal assessments tailored to their school roles and IB programmes. Finally, our Ambassador Programme brings the most active and experienced ManageBac users together to showcase their skills and expertise, and benefit from a range of exciting and exclusive opportunities.

In the spirit of continual improvement, I am pleased to say that we are planning to launch even more curriculum-focused updates soon.

At ManageBac, we value hearing directly from our users, so if you would like to get involved with future curriculum development, we would love to hear from you!

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Tom Brodie
ManageBac Curriculum Coordinator

In his role as Curriculum Coordinator for ManageBac, Tom Brodie works closely with the ManageBac development team to review and extend how we support schools in the design, delivery and assessment of their written curriculum. Tom also works with our marketing and professional development departments in the production of resources, blog posts and webinars to share with our community.