We’re delighted today to announce an integration partnership with BridgeU for university and careers guidance.

BridgeU’s platform empowers schools to manage the complex challenge of preparing and carrying out global university applications. By leveraging the power of big data and a suite of streamlined management tools, BridgeU helps reduce administrative costs, improve results, and increase student engagement. BridgeU supports student applications to the six most popular destinations for higher education: US, UK, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, and the Netherlands.

Our partnership focuses on delivering a comprehensive technical integration, including:

  • single sign-on
  • streamlined account provisioning
  • information sync

This integration partnership reflects our on-going commitment to supporting IB Diploma students throughout their educational journeys, from applying to IB schools via OpenApply, to managing academics & extracurricular activities on ManageBac, and now with university & careers planning on BridgeU.


To learn more about BridgeU, please click here.