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QuickStart Guides

Announcements | December 8, 2020
Together with our Curriculum Updates for the IB Diploma and following our ongoing PLC, CAS in a Virtual Environment, we are happy to announce new QuickStart Guides for the IB Diploma and Career-related Programmes, which provide students with a quick, easy-to-read...

Pamoja Online Teacher PD course

Announcements | November 24, 2020
As part of our commitment to supporting teachers around the world, we have curated a Blended and Flipped Learning professional development guide, free of charge to all educators.  Drawing from over a decade of training delivery and continuous teacher standards...

Theory of Knowledge 2022: Now Available on ManageBac

Announcements | November 18, 2020
ManageBac now supports the new TOK course for students first assessed in 2022. Worksheets for TOK Exhibition and Essay are now available within all schools offering the IB Diploma programme.  The old TOK projects will be available for existing Year Groups until after...