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Using ManageBac in a Remote Environment

Announcements | February 27, 2020
Having a learning platform that can be used in a remote environment can be both beneficial and crucial to a school’s success, especially during times of crisis. There are many reasons that a school may need to switch to a remote learning environment, such as health...

Self-Publishing IB Learner Profile Teaching Materials

Announcements | February 12, 2020
When you ask your students what it means to be a risk-taker, how many answers include jumping off of something high? Have you ever witnessed the word principled draw blank faces across an entire class of fourth graders? How many of your students define an inquirer as...

Pop-Up Workshops for Core DP Subjects

Announcements | January 31, 2020
Over 4 webinars, SMARTPREP authors will share their valuable insights and perspectives as IB educators. What in my subject syllabus challenges me the most? What areas prove difficult for students year after year? How do I make sense of it for them? These are some of...

Highlighting our TOK Coordinator’s Guide

Announcements | January 28, 2020
Our Theory of Knowledge Coordinator’s Guide provides both first time and experienced TOK coordinators with guidance on how to lead an excellent TOK course, ensuring that this component of the IB Diploma is a genuinely life-changing experience for students and...

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