We have listened to your feedback and are pleased to introduce a feature that has been eagerly anticipated: User Mentions. This new functionality is designed to enhance communication and collaboration across your school community. Here’s a closer look at how User Mentions will transform your interactions on ManageBac.

Stay Connected with User Mentions

30. User Mention

User Mentions is a game-changer for ManageBac users, enabling you to tag colleagues and peers within various contexts of the platform. By simply typing ‘@’, you’ll see a dropdown menu from which you can select the user you wish to tag. Once mentioned, they’ll receive a notification, ensuring they do not miss out on important discussions and can jump right into the conversation.

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Effective Communication

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User Mentions have been integrated into several key areas of ManageBac:

Class, Year Group, and Group Discussions:
Enhance your discussions by tagging relevant users, ensuring they’re looped in the conversation.

Unit Reflections:
Mention other teachers and admins within unit reflections, facilitating collaborative planning and reflection.

Task, Deadline, Event, Online Lesson, and IA Discussions:
Keep everyone on the same page by mentioning users in discussions related to specific tasks and events.

Stay Notified On-The-Go

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Notifications ensure that you’re always up to date. Whenever you’re mentioned, you’ll receive a prompt notification with a preview of the message and a direct link to the conversation. And don’t worry about being overwhelmed with notifications; you can customise your preferences for web, email, and push notifications.

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Customisable Settings and Permissions

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We understand the importance of flexibility and control. That’s why we have added new settings under Settings > School Settings, allowing admins to manage who can use User Mentions and in what contexts. Whether it’s enabling students to mention each other in class discussions or allowing parents to reach out to teachers in Parents Association discussions, you have full control.

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Ready to Get Started?
This feature is now live and ready to use! User Mentions are enabled by default for all roles, so jump into your ManageBac account and try it out. For a detailed walk-through of User Mentions and how to customise your settings, check out our article on the ManageBac Help Center.

We’re thrilled to bring you this new feature and can’t wait to hear how it enhances your ManageBac experience. As always, we’re here to support you, so if you have any questions or feedback, do not hesitate to reach out at support@managebac.com.

Happy mentioning!

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