From October 20-21, over 80 teachers from 20 schools convened at Lincoln Park High School to learn more about building in-depth quality curriculum for the IB Middle Years on ManageBac. We were delighted to offer this complimentary workshop together with our long-time partners Cornerstone Educational Consulting LLC.

Working in three separate groups over two days, workshop participants focused on writing exemplary IB MYP unit planners with guidance from a Cornerstone trainer and ManageBac support associate. This partnership allowed teachers to confidently build quality units directly on ManageBac, and provide support with navigating the system.

A huge thank you to our host, Theresa McCormick from Lincoln Park High School, whose tireless efforts provided us with all the class space, technology and catering space needed to host such a large group! We’d also like to thank Lisa, Lynne and Kara from Cornerstone, whose curriculum expertise and seminars were an invaluable experience.

Finally, thank you to all our Chicago attendees, whose passion for both learning and teaching made the training a pleasure from start to finish!

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Workshop schedule

Thursday / October 20

08:00 Registration Opens
08:30 Session 1: Participants will create and/or revise statements of inquiry:  concepts, contexts  + initial reflection using ManageBac tools
10:30 Session 2: Participants will explore the three types of inquiry questions for both the inquiry and action section of the planner using ManageBac tools
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Session 3: Participants will create and/or revise an authentic summative assessment task, and corresponding MYP objectives/strands, ensuring established links between the task and the statement of inquiry using the using ManageBac digital classroom as support
15:00 Session 4: Participants will consider which approaches to learning skills will best allow students to master the summative task, by construct learning experiences that embed inquiry into content through day-to-day teaching and learning using ManageBac tools
16:00 End of Day 1
Friday / October 21
08:30 Session 5: Participants will continue to construct learning experiences that embed inquiry into content through day-to-day teaching and learning using ManageBac tools
10:30 Session 6: Participants will differentiate each learning experience and design formative assessments that build to the summative task + secondary reflection  using ManageBac tools
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Session 7: Participants will consider multiple types of resources that they will use during the teaching and learning process for the unit.  They will reflect on the planning process and on what they anticipate will arise in the teaching of the unit in order to complete their final reflection.
15:00 Session 8: Participants will participate in a tuning protocol for feedback from peers on their unit planners. The focus will center on the iterative process that links the statement of inquiry, the inquiry and action questions,  the approaches to learning, objectives and summative assessment.
16:00 End of Day 2