Introducing our new real-time and in-line unit planners with online presence – ManageBac is now the first learning platform to provide real-time curriculum planning.

We are delighted to deliver this longstanding feature request for all C1 and IB CP Unit Planners. Broad support for all other Curriculum programs (DP+MYP+PYP) will follow shortly before the 2019-2020 academic year.

This update will improve collaboration providing a perfect solution for PD in-session days, where teachers are working together side-by-side to plan units.

Here are some of the key features in this release:

In-Line Editing:
whereas before Teachers would only be able to Edit via the wizard process, Teachers can now flexibly edit any section of the Unit Plan in-line, while browsing other sections. As part of this update, the sequential and linear wizard planning process is being deprecated and will no longer be available.

Real-Time Editing: as part of this update, you can now collaboratively plan with colleagues in real-time and you will be able to see their changes reflected automatically, every 15 seconds, without having to refresh the planner. For example, if you are planning the Inquiry section, your colleague can simultaneously add Resources & Assessment Tasks. Similarly, there is now a built-in conflict check to prevent colleagues from overwriting each other’s work within a specific section. This is indicated by an active lock status, which restricts editing when a section is being updated.

Online Presence: on the right navigation menu alongside the Unit, you can also see when your colleagues are online (green) and a unit section tag to show which part of the unit they are editing. Additionally, you can see what section of the unit you are editing (orange).

Floating Header: The unit header will follow you as you scroll through the unit and provide additional functionality. The floating header allows for easy access of class unit list, unit index map, edit and save changes buttons.

If you have any questions or feedback on this release, please feel free to contact our Support team at