ManageBac Messages are now Discussions – bringing a host of design and navigation improvements, plus a brand new assessment type.

Student Discussion Tasks

New Student Discussion Tasks offer a fresh and easy way to encourage student participation and track engagement.

The format is simple – each Discussion Task requires students to post comments or replies in an auto-generated Discussion Thread. Teachers can choose how many comments or replies each student has to post before the Task is considered complete.

Once a student has completed the required number of posts, their binary grade is automatically set to ‘Complete’ in the ManageBac Gradebook. Teachers can also use the new Discussion Post table to quickly view all the posts made by a particular student.

You can read more about this new feature in our Help Centre.


In addition, Discussions are now separated into two sections to optimise organisation. The first section contains Class, Year Group and Group Discussions, while the second section presents Discussions related to Events, Tasks and Deadlines. Discussions are also logically ordered and grouped for easier navigation and review – for example, Discussions related to recently completed Events appear first.

Discussions can also now be pinned to the top of their page or section – allowing you to highlight important notifications or ongoing conversations.

While Messages have been renamed Discussions by default, you can also choose an alternative, custom name to suit your school via ManageBac Settings > Terminology.

You can learn more about Discussions in our Help Centre.

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