As we continue to implement our All New Design across all areas of ManageBac, we are delighted to announce a refresh of Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS), Service as Action (SA) and Service Learning (SL).

This update includes a number of design and navigation improvements which will benefit coordinators, teachers and students – enhancing usability at all key touchpoints. Below, we highlight some key changes that will make recording, tracking and reviewing easier than ever.

Student Roster

At the top of your Student Roster, you will now see a top level summary of student counts by status, whether Excellent, On-track, Concern and To Be Determined. This provides a quick, at-a-glance overview of progress across your full cohort.

Meanwhile, below the Student Roster, a new Activity Log highlights any recent changes that have been made by students or by teachers, so you never miss an update.

Student Worksheet

Student Worksheets have undergone a number of navigation improvements. Where before, each Worksheet occupied a single page, now the functionality has been divided across three tabs – Experiences, Documents and Notes & Interviews.

Meanwhile, at the top of each page, you will find a handy new banner, containing the student’s name, avatar and status – helping to keep you on track while navigating through the system. You can also easily move between students by using the arrow buttons.


Experiences benefit from a more logical ordering and grouping, for easier navigation and review. Upcoming experiences appear first – starting with those that are nearest to the present date, and extending into the future. Completed experiences are shown last.

In addition, we have introduced a new Timeline View – providing teachers and students with a “bird’s eye view” of all experiences across the full academic year. With options to filter the view by year and by experience type, this tool should help to facilitate planning, swiftly identify any gaps, and ensure an even spread of activity for every student.

You will also notice several changes to the appearance of the experience tiles on your Student Roster, including an increase in font size and additional borders and styling to maximise clarity.

We have also added a drop-down which allows you to change the status of an experience with a single click – saving time during busy periods.

Plus, we’ve introduced two new buttons to help you jump directly to associated Learning Outcomes and Reflections. To keep the page as streamlined as possible, these buttons are hidden whenever there are no Learning Outcomes or Reflections to present.

Finally, at the top of each individual experience, you will find a new banner, displaying the title of the experience, its status and other key information.

The banner can be customised with your choice of background theme via the Add/Edit Experience form, and expanded to show the associated Description and Learning Outcomes.

Clicking on the title of the experience will reveal a dropdown showing all other experiences associated with the student – allowing for even quicker navigation between activities.

Need a hand? You can find out more about managing projects and experiences through ManageBac in our Help Centre.

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