We’ve made improvements to the system this week:


  • Grade 11 students can now have access to Page 1 and 2 of the ToK PPD form. This will help students preview how their presentation planning text will appear on the ToK PPD. Page 3 remains only available to teachers and administrators. 

Middle Years:

  • Community Projects are now available in MYP Reports
  • Corrections have been made to both the unit planner and the PDF export.

1. Backward Planning > Content

MYP Objectives from the Assessment page are no longer linked with Knowledge and/or Skills. Knowledge & Skills and Standards now independently appear on the unit plan, within the Content box.

2. Backward Planning > ATL

  • More than one ATL Skills Connection can be added; each can cover different MYP Objectives and ATL Skills.
  • Multiple MYP Objectives can now be selected and covered in ATL Skills. MYP Objectives that have been covered in another ATL Skills Connection are automatically bolded in green.
  • In addition to the Learning process box, Learning Experiences are now also tied to each ATL Skill.


3. PDF Planner

  • Inquiry Questions types are now separated by columns rather than lists.
  • Summative Assessment and Formative Assessment now show the task due date & time.
  • The ATL section has reverted to columns. The MYP Objectives serves as a header to the selected ATL Skill. Learning Experiences are tied to each ATL Skill.
  • Learning Experiences and Teaching Strategies are once again included in the Learning Process box.