This week we’ve made updates to how unit plans are shared on ManageBac, as well as key updates to the IB Diploma Programme’s Group 1 and Group 5 curriculum. For further assistance or feedback about any of our topics today, please contact us at

IB Diploma

New Mathematics Subjects on ManageBac: The International Baccalaureate Diploma programme recently introduced two new Mathematics subjects as options for the graduating Class of 2021 onwards:

  • Mathematics: analysis and approaches
  • Mathematics: applications and interpretation

We’ve now added both to our system as new subject options. To add these to your school’s ManageBac account so teachers can create classes and build units with the new curriculum, any administrator may go to Settings > IB Diploma > Subjects:

Updated Group 1 Curriculum for 2021: Group 1 classes and units now include the recently released Aims, Criteria and Syllabus content for first assessment in 2021. Unit plans will still also feature the previous iterations of this content under the header ‘First Assessment 2015’.

Unit Plans

Year Level sharing function changes: When creating units on the Summary tab, the option of removing a unit from the class you are working in is no longer available. Before, schools had the option when editing units to deselect the year level of their own class, resulting in the unit being removed from that class.

If you wish to switch a unit to a different year level, you can do so by sharing the unit to the desired year and removing the old year level from the new year level’s class. This change was made as a failsafe to prevent teachers from losing access to the units that they created.