We are delighted to provide an operational update for our 100+ partner schools in India:

  1. This spring, we have visited 25 partner schools in India.
  2. Over the summer, we will be establishing an on-the-ground team to provide local support & training, which will better support implementation and on-site visits.
  3. We have trained our first groups of ManageBac Certified Educators in India at the DP and MYP Certificate Courses in Mumbai this April. These events are excellent opportunities to build communicate and share best practice.


Our key product development priorities for our Indian schools:

  1. We have added Indian National Curriculum support (CBSE & CISCE) as part of our Curriculum First initiatives, which will provide multi-curricula schools with a whole-school solution.
  2. Reporting & Transcript enhancements to include Exam Grades and new term-based assessment options.
  3. ManageBac for Android Mobile App to complement iOS Mobile on AppStore.

Feel free to contact us at support@managebac.com with any questions regarding this update.