Upcoming New Attendance Settings
Schools will soon be able to configure their Attendance Settings by programme and Academic Term. This means each programme can have their own holiday calendars, rotation schedules, and attendance categories. Furthermore, this means that full-continuum schools can use both homeroom and class attendance in DP & MYP while only taking Homeroom attendance in PYP.
Video Tutorials 
We have released QuickStart videos for Teachers and Administrators on our ManageBac ZenDesk Help Centre. Feel free to share these with your staff as you kick-off the new academic year!
View all of of our help guides and videos here, as well as resources like on-demand webinars and getting started guides here.


Disable Tours for the Landing Page
The tour button can now be disabled for the landing page, whilst still allowing tours to be scheduled from the checklist and via admin. This is a great feature if you want to schedule tours directly with families, without making them publicly available. This can be done by navigating to Settings > Admissions > Tours, and turning Display on Landing Page to ‘Off’.
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Calendar Export Enhancements
We’ve greatly expanded the amount of information that can be exported to CSV from the calendar. The CSV export now includes additional information relating to the student, such as their Grade, Enrolment Year, and Status. This means schools can get meaningful information from the calendar to share with colleagues outside of admissions.