For schools who used ManageBac to bulk register your students on IBIS this year, you will now find that your students’ Plans worksheets have been populated with their Candidate Session Numbers and IBIS Personal Codes.

As a reminder ManageBac does not update student PINs, so these will need to be accessed directly from IBIS, and can then be entered manually via Year Groups > select your year group > PlansUpdate IBIS Personal Codes.

ibis personalcode

For those schools who did not use ManageBac for your exam registrations this year, we would encourage you to view our support webinar on IBIS Registration via ManageBac, to consider taking advantage of this feature in the future. Feel free to contact our support team if you have any further questions about the integration.

The May 2020 Exams Calendar has also been updated and can be accessed via Year Groups > select your year group > Plans > Exams Calendar, or via the Subject Centre.

exam calendar 1

Please note, Exam Calendars need to be created from the prescribed dates and durations for each paper. With each exam, you will have options to configure exam times, proctors, and locations based on your registered exam subjects. Click to learn more about Creating & Reviewing Exam Calendars.

Keep Parents up to date with ManageBac Classes’ new Messages Feature

notify parent 1

Parents have always been able to read class messages through their ManageBac portal, but we’ve now taken this one step further – teachers can choose if they wish to email students, parents, or both, whenever they post a message to their class message board.

Share Your Students’ Term Averages in Real Time

average term 1

Our Curriculum First programmes, including IGCSE, CAIE, National Curriculum, and Advanced Placement, can now choose if they wish to show task category term averages to parents and/or students, which will update in real time as students are graded on ManageBac.

This function will also be coming within the next couple of months for our IB programmes!

Read more about this and all other updates for the first few months of the year via our What’s New page. This page will be updated regularly with the latest ManageBac feature updates and additions!