After the launch of the OSC Study app in March, the team continues to improve the usability and experience of the app to help IB students and schools during key times in their academic year. OSC Study can help students to revise key concepts, prepare for tests and exams, and can serve as content-specific help for the all-important Internal Assessment (IA). 

In the last two months, we have deployed the following: 

  1. You can now navigate into subtopics from any menu. Dividers now include the subtopic name.
  2. You can now navigate into topics from a subtopic via a breadcrumb trail in the header.
  3. You can now directly access the subtopic (in the left menu) the content on view is part of by tapping on the subtopic in the header.
  4. The header and the navigation (footer) disappear when scrolling the revision guide pages down. This makes available more space for the content, significantly improving the user experience on small screens.
  5. The scroll position is saved within menus (for example navigating from a topic back to the topic overview), making the navigation quicker and more convenient.
  6. Enhanced zoom for revision guide images. Users can tap on the image and zoom into the image in multiple stages.
  7. New design for the revision guide index for topics and subtopics, giving users a better overview of all the corresponding pages.
  8. New design for the ‘Media Viewed Before’ button in the header, letting users quickly navigate back to the content they viewed before.
  9. Keyboard shortcut to open and close the topics menu via ‘T’.
  10. Revision guide pages and videos are now loaded in bulk. This lets users navigate quicker via the “previous“ and “next“ buttons.
  11. New loading animation for revision guides and videos.
  12. Performance improvements.
  13. Bug fixes.

With these new features, the navigation will provide ease of use and a better experience for the student and teacher.