Over the past year, we have been working to extend and redesign ManageBac to support multi-curriculum schools. As part of our C1 release, we are delighted to announce support for additional curricula including IGCSE and A Levels.

What’s new in C1?

The first thing you will notice about C1 is that we have redesigned Classes in our new User Interface, which is faster than ever, responsive across web & mobile (including tablets and phones), and aligns consistently with the Student & Parent and Settings views, which were updated during the 2016-2017 academic year.

Within each C1 Class, teachers will discover several new enhancements:

  • Units & Assessments: have now been combined into a unified roster view with the Stream of resources shown under each Unit. This new view will make it easier than ever for teachers to add resources and easily re-order them in one-click.
  • Expanded Resource Options: include over 8 resource options for adding a book, linking an existing file, uploading a new file, linking a Google Doc, posting a video or website URL.
  • Add New Task: has been streamlined with improved differentiation support for mixed classes and a responsive “look and feel” for tablets
  • Unit Planners: have been redesigned from the ground-up with a component style as our first step towards providing a full WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Unit Plan Editor to allow schools to adapt and customise their planners. Teachers, who have already created Unit Planners on Google Docs, can now easily embed them in ManageBac with one-click vs. having to manually create units from scratch.
  • Curriculum: everything in its right place – with comprehensive support for over 50+ academic standards, encompassing syllabus topics, aims, objectives, assessment criteria and more.
  • Gradebook: has been redesigned fully in our new UI to support fast marking and term grades.

Create Tasks in ManageBac

At the Settings-level, each C1 curriculum programme can be customised for your school’s needs:

  • Subjects & Levels: are fully built-in with corresponding exam paper codes
  • Aims, Objectives and Assessment Objectives: can be adapted from Subject Guide defaults
  • Assessment: can be customised with grade scales and options & rubrics
  • Standards: like our IB offering can be imported, please contact our Data Team for assistance
  • Reflections: can be customised for term reporting and are visible on the student profiles
  • Unit Planner Template: allows for enabling or disabling sections and customisation of the section headers, guiding questions and hints text

These are just some of the major changes that enable ManageBac to offer support for Multi-Curricula Schools.  Take a deeper look at all of the C1 Features or Schedule a Demo to get an in depth, guided walkthrough from one of our associates to learn how C1 could be a fit for your school curriculum.