Class Transitions

Classes in ManageBac house some of your school’s most important information, such as grades, classroom files and resources, and messages. Our new Class Transitions process will help ensure the integrity of your school’s data from the previous year, as well as keep your curriculum current, with a few simple clicks.

ManageBac now offers four different options for transitioning classes each year:

  1. Archive your original classes and duplicate them into the next grade level
  2. Archive your original classes and duplicate them into the existing grade level
  3. Transition the original class to the next grade level without archiving
  4. Archiving all classes in bulk, to provide a clean slate

Archiving your classes will ensure a record of all grades, files, messages and student rosters is kept in ManageBac. It’s recommended in all cases except for when a class spans multiple year levels (such as a two year IB Diploma course).

To access our new Class Transitions, go to Classes > Show All Classes and click Transition Classes on the right navigation panel.

Transitions must be done by programme and subject.

For a step by step tutorial on this process, please click here. If you have any additional questions about Class Transitions, please email and we’d be happy to help!