We are excited to announce that our IB Middle Years Programme on ManageBac is getting a highly anticipated update this March! Starting next week, we’re making our unit planners easier to navigate, more collaborative, and more customisable than ever, along with a host of other feature improvements:

  1. New Unit Interface Design allows real-time editing views and collaboration: Our new interface allows teachers to streamline navigation, providing a snapshot of overall progress and an in-line edit mode that allows you to read the full unit while editing. Our new collaboration feature also allows you to see in real-time if another author is editing a certain section of the unit, as well as who is online. Sections will also lock if an author is currently working in them to prevent overwriting of each others’ work. Our new Curriculum Digest via Whole School Curriculum will show you who has been working on units each day, and what they have added/edited within the plans. We’re also providing a new At-a-Glance unit summary with a cover image and a refreshed PDF design.
  2. On-Going Unit Reflections: We’ve built in a reflections area within each section of the unit plan so you and your team can write down your thoughts and ideas as you’re building the unit, making it easier than ever to look back at your process when writing your final reflections once the unit is over.
  3. New Unit Section Headers: We have added new section headers for Key & Related Concepts, ATL Skills & Developing IB Learners, and have added regroupings of Integration and Connections. All content from the previous template style has been automatically migrated for you.
  4. A New Resource Bank and Stream View: We’re adding a long-awaited request to include a resource bank in every unit plan so that teachers can easily share resources with each other and copy resources from other units. The resources will be added to our refreshed Stream View, which can be ordered numerically for your students’ easy reference.
  5. Customise your school’s unit planner templates: Have more than one type of unit plan at your school? Our new custom unit plan templates via Settings > Middle Years Programme > Units will allow you to add additional templates with different sections turned off/on, so your teachers can choose the template that best suits their needs while writing. You’ll also be able to re-label sections and add your own custom hints in any language you would like. All existing unit plans will automatically migrate over to the default IB MYP template.

Start Exploring the New MYP Planners!

Check out our video below for a full walk-through of our new interface.

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If you have questions or feedback about our new changes, let us know via support@managebac.com, and a representative will be in touch within 24 hours.