We are excited to introduce our new Mobile > Dashboard & Calendar available from May 2021 on iOS (and for Android from Summer 2021).

Calendar@2x 8

The new 🗓️ Calendar provides an at-a-glance view of all upcoming events, deadlines & tasks with an easy filter option accessible in the top right corner.

Each Dashboard has been tailored specifically for Students, Teachers and Parents to provide improved navigation and ease of use.

Dashboard@2x 8

ut teachersTeachers ut studentsStudents ut parentsParents
Browse your Daily Agenda alongside upcoming Online Lessons & Tasks Browse your Daily Agenda alongside upcoming Tasks & Deadlines with Grades Easily browse schedules and lessons by child
Record Homeroom or Class Attendance in two-clicks straight from the Dashboard One-click access to your Year Group for Service Learning & Project Worksheets At-a-glance summary of grades & attendance
Easy access to active Units along with all Classes & Year Groups and Student Portfolios Easy access to all Classes and Activity Groups Browse report cards, parent association and guides & handbooks

Primary teacher view@2x 8 1 1 For Primary-level (e.g. IB PYP or Cambridge Primary) we have also made enhancements to show the Programme of Inquiry and current Units.

With the new Global Search, you can also search for anything across your ManageBac account. Global Search@2x 8 1 1

Account Portal@2x 8 1 Together with the new Quick Add updates and Accounts Portal, you can now single-sign-on directly into any Faria service including OpenApply and SchoolsBuddy directly from your ManageBac Mobile account.

This Mobile design update is one of many ManageBac updates planned for summer 2021. Browse the Product Roadmap on our Product Portal.